Track Of The Day: Salad – ‘Under The Wrapping Paper’

Having been going their separate ways for nearly twenty years, in 2017 ’90s band Salad were offered a festival date and soon reformed to start recording new material. Now, they’re set to release a long-awaited new album next month and have shared the first taste of what we can expect from it.

Exposing what we are sticking in the sand, and shoving under the carpet, ‘Under The Wrapping Paper’ is propelled by a gritty, post-punk energy and whirring scuzz as catchy hooks and tongue-in-cheek deadpan vocals build to a jangly fusion of sounds. A unique, euphonic delight, this new single sees Salad return to fine form, proving they’re still capable of pushing boundaries with a distinct, vibrant spirit.

The idea for ‘Under The Wrapping Paper’ came to founder member and guitarist Paul Kennedy in a rush of inspiration one day as he popped out to buy a cheap T-shirt: “I worry about child labour / But I needed a T-shirt  / Put it in a paper bag / You can recycle that later.” 

The Salad Way, the upcoming album, is out 30th August on Three Bean Records. Salad will be playing at Starshaped Festival:

31st August – Manchester, O2 Ritz
7th September – Newcastle, O2 Academy
14th September – Birmingham, O2 Institute
21st September – London, O2 Forum Kentish Town

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Tim Topple

Track Of The Day: Nasty Little Lonely – ‘Wicked Vicious’

Bristol-based Industrial Post-Punks Nasty Little Lonely have shared new single ‘Wicked Vicious’, and it’s a menacing blend of devious bass lines and venomous vocals. It’s the third single the band have released through Liverpool label, Loner Noise.

The song is an “anti-ode to two faced people, comparing the effects of negativity to unconsciously doing black magic”. Together, guitarist Ben, drummer Martin & vocalist and bassist Charlie have worked to create a spine-slicing new track, and the accompanying visuals are equally as malign as they are mesmerising.

Nasty Little Lonely have performed on line-ups alongside Future of the Left, Damo Suzuki, The Wytches, Idles, Part Chimp, Gnod, Mugstar, God Damn, Bo Ningen, Kagoule & Lydia Lunch, and will be on the road again soon.

Listen to ‘Wicked Vicious’ below and follow Nasty Little Lonely on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

ALBUM: New Haunts – ‘Worlds Left Behind’

A soundtrack for the witching hour: New Haunts‘ debut album Worlds Left Behind is a veiled but intriguing exploration of independence; fusing elements of coldwave, minimal synth, goth, early industrial, and synthpop to create a distinctive, ominous sound.

As the album’s title suggests, New Haunts is caught between the world she inhabits and the world she once knew. She explores this on opening track ‘Ingrained’, through ominous synths and urgent vocal harmonies that rise and fall against a backdrop of slow, scratchy drum sounds. It bleeds in to lead single ‘Reactions’ – a cold but magnetic offering which laments the simultaneous beauty and the horror of having emotional connections.

It’s connections like these that make the tortured howls on following track ‘Left Me Cold’ feel so sharp. They contrast well with her tentative and pained vocals during the verses, as foreboding synths underscore another moment of painful clarity. ‘Hymns’ and following track ‘New Haunts’ both take a gentler electronic turn, with some Kate Bush-style wavering vocals.

‘Waves’ breaks through after this ambient interlude, with darker jagged synths and more of New Haunts fluttering, urgent vocals. It’s this combination that makes ‘Waves’ the standout track on the album. Its dark, glittering defiance of flows in to the subdued ‘Same Medicine’, which progresses in to the penultimate ‘Safe Out Here’ – full of more brooding synths and wavering vocals.

Whispers of insecurity permeate closing track ‘Ice’ – “and I give it my all, as far as I know, as far as I can” – before abrasive synths push through proving a “concrete truth”: New Haunts may be at the beginning of her solo journey, but her debut record shows she is well equipped for more intriguing sonic ventures.

Fans of Zola Jesus and the almighty Kate Bush will approve of her Gothic noise on Worlds Left Behind.

Listen to Worlds Left Behind on Spotify & follow New Haunts on Facebook for more updates.

Purchase the album from bandcamp here.

Photo Credit: Katie Murt

Kate Crudgington

ALBUM: LIINES – ‘Stop-Start’

LIINES‘ debut album has a tendency to skip from one track to the next barely taking a breath – rarely has a title seemed more fitting than Stop-Start. The band’s name, too, couldn’t be more fitting given their principal musical style of post-punk, with vocal, guitar, bass and drum lines all competing for prominence. If the cyclical nature of things means that musical movements are revived about every twenty years, then LIINES are perfectly placed for indie’s re-embrace of post-punk, a movement which dominated in the early 2000s.

First track ‘Shallow’ kicks things off and gets to express-train speed in seconds, with its choppy guitar line, and Zoe McVeigh’s vocals reminiscent of Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker. ‘Never There’ follows with a drive like that of Silence Yourself-era Savages. ‘Be Here’ is similarly unrelenting with its garage rock feel.

But this isn’t just a bouncing alt. rock album – behind the pace you’ll find sinister guitar solos and basslines that bubble like poisonous liquid. By ‘Find Something’ and its oppressive post-punk aura – coming off like Interpol hanging out with PINS, before halting abruptly – the album has its immense, dark hooks lodged into your brain.

‘Cold’ chills things down noticeably, coming as close to balladeering as Stop-Start gets, with Zoe’s vocals nearing a torch song style plea. ‘Blackout’ is constructed around another sinister guitar line, before ‘Disappear’ merges that sound with straight-out stomp via a flurry from drummer Leila. ‘Hold Your Breath’ is a broken love-song, whilst ‘Never Wanted This’ sounds like PJ Harvey fronting Breeders. Former bassist Steph’s deceptively simple rhythm work kicks off closer ‘Nothing’ and, as album closers go, it’s a banger with shades of Pixies in its structure and a wailing Zoe at its centre.

Whilst the two bands have a different emphasis, contemporaries Desperate Journalist’s 2017 album Grow Up is perhaps the most apposite point of comparison for Stop-Start, with both bands taking the best of their indie/alt predecessors and blending it into something that’s fresh.

Between them, LIINES and producer Paul Tippler (known for his work with indie luminaries such as Elastica, Idlewild and Stereolab) have created a sound combining riot grrrl disquiet, post-punk gloom and new-wave urgency. Despite losing a bassist (Steph Angel now replaced with Tamsin Middleton), the trio have crafted a debut that promises to be the pulsating start, rather than the end, of LIINES. A truly impressive debut from the Manchester trio.

Stop-Start is out now via Reckless Yes Records.


John McGovern

Track Of The Day: Projector – ‘Break Your Own Heart’

Brighton trio Projector have released new single ‘Break Your Own Heart’ via Roadkill Records; and it’s a thundering, three and a half minute blur of aggressive, melodic sound.

Together, Lucy Sheehan (bass/vocals), Edward Ensbury (guitar/vocals), and Demelza Mather (drums) combine elements of grunge, shoe-gaze, and post-punk to breed their all-encompassing noise. Lucy’s sultry, scratchy vocals urge you to “Kill yourself, break your own heart” on the new release, whilst Demelza’s powerhouse drums collide with Edward’s manic riffs to sustain the aural head-rush.

After a string of sold out hometown shows and support slots with Tigercub, Demob Happy, Deap Vally and Kane Strang, Projector are due to release their debut EP later this year. The trio were awarded funding from the PRS Rebalance scheme, a project run in conjunction with Festival Republic, which promotes gender equality both on stage and in the studio. In the run up to their debut EP, they’ll begin recording again with a female producer in Leeds.

Listen to ‘Break Your Own Heart’ below, and follow Projector on Facebook for more updates.


‘Break Your Own Heart’ is available on limited edition cassette (order here) and on the usual digital platforms now.

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Nasty Little Lonely – ‘Glitter’

Industrial and sinister post-punk sounds collide in gritty yet sparkling fashion on Nasty Little Lonely‘s latest track, ‘Glitter’. Hailing from the Bristol scene that recently spat Idles into the music world’s consciousness, the trio are inspired by the likes of MX-80, and have shared stages with The Wytches, Idles, Part Chimp, God Damn, Bo Ningen and Lydia Lunch.

Despite it’s glamorous namesake, ‘Glitter’ is a track drenched in introspection and anxiety, examining the mental strains of being a performer. It recounts the moments of exhilaration on stage that often come at the cost of a great deal of stress, and abrasively explores whether the highs would be as powerful without the lows.

The band are following the single release with a run of shows, including one with Evil Blizzard, and an appearance at Wrong Festival, sharing a stage with Future of the Left, Damo Suzuki, Gnod, Kagoule and more. Check out the gig dates below, and follow Nasty Little Lonely on Facebook for more updates.

UK Tour Dates 2018

10/2 – Underworld – London w/Evil Blizzard
31/3 – Wagon and Horses – Birmingham
5/4 – Heroes – Worcester
12/4 – The Windmill – Brixton

28/4 – Wrong Festival – Liverpool w/Future of the Left, Damo Suzuki, Gnod, Kagoule + More

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Drahla – ‘Form Of Luxury’

Fans of alternative post-punk inspired noise-rock should form a line to hear Leeds based Drahla. The trio have released their latest track ‘Form of Luxury’, and it’s another “captivating insight” into the band’s forthcoming EP Third Article. 

It follows on from previous single ‘Silk Spirit’, produced by Hookworms’ MJ, and it’s another swirling, manic, magnetic offering from Luciel, Rob & Mikey. The band have shared stages with Parquet Courts, The Cribs, Buzzcocks, Dream Wife, Menace Beach and more, and they’re currently supporting Canada’s METZ on their European tour. They’re set for big things in 2018, so make sure you catch them before they become uncatchable.

Third Article, the upcoming EP from Drahla, is out 24th November via their Blank Ad label. Follow Drahla on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington