Track Of The Day: Winter Gardens – ‘Tapestry’

Having previously charmed us live at The Finsbury, Brighton band Winter Gardens have now announced that their debut EP is set for release next month.

Title track and latest single, ‘Tapestry’, oozes a euphoric ethereal haze as twinkling, shoegaze-inspired hooks whirr alongside the soaring vocals of front person Ananda. Flowing with a rich anthemic emotion, it’s an utterly captivating slice of other worldly dream-punk, highlighting Winter Gardens as definite ones to watch.

Commenting on the forthcoming record, the band explain:

“The EP epitomises our shared love for the beauty in the world, both obvious and hidden. ‘Life’s Rich Tapestry’ is how we perceive nature, art, and world affairs.”

Tapestry, the debut EP from Winter Gardens, is set for release on 25th September via socially conscious independent label Austerity Records.

Mari Lane 

Guest Playlist: Temples Of Youth

Covid 19 and the necessary restrictions surrounding it have brought about a number of cancellations of music events, including what would have been Get In Her Ears’ very first festival. It would have taken place on Saturday, 18th July, and was set to be a pretty special day, filled with some of our favourite female and non binary artists. Fingers crossed we can finally make it happen next year.

One of the bands set to play was total faves Temples Of Youth. Captivating us with their hypnotic, musically rich neo-pop and majestic, emotion-strewn splendour, the Winchester duo have charmed us live at The Finsbury more than once and we were very much looking forward to hosting them again.

In the absence of our festival, and any gigs, at the moment, Jo from the band has put together a playlist of songs that have shaped her songwriting, and written a few words about the inspirations behind Temples Of Youth. Have a read, and listen, below!


As I sit to write this a few days after my 30th birthday, I can’t quite get my head around the fact that Temples of Youth is already five years old. I don’t know where that time has gone – it’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had.

So often in life, we are reaching for the next achievement, trying to make each one bigger and better than the last. I find this is so prevalent in the music industry, with something you worked so hard on becoming “irrelevant” so quickly. It’s a tough place to be – overcrowded, competitive and at times, disheartening. It is important to take a step back, and to reflect on what you have already achieved, and take note of its value.

Paul and I came together with a shared interest in starting something new, and whilst our influences have grown and changed, our ethic has stayed the same. We write for us, we play for us, and we hope that people will find something to connect with.  Paul is very driven by sound and the feel of a track, where as I find myself drawn to the lyrics and the vocal melody – so we make a good team.

Our inspirations are hard to pinpoint – from ’80s dream-pop, to grungier sounds and modern US indie bands, plus art and film soundtracks. To give you an idea, we’ve curated a playlist of some of the tracks that have shaped the way we write, and we hope you enjoy listening to it.

We’re currently working on recording our third EP remotely, and I think it’s the best thing we’ve done so far. We always hope these things won’t be released to ‘disappear’; forgetting that they can’t.

Listen to Temples Of Youth’s playlist below, and also make sure you check out their spellbinding latest single ‘Silver Cross‘ now. 


Track Of The Day: INDIGOS – ‘I’m Healed’

Swirling, gritty riffs, brooding bass lines and hypnotic vocals flood ‘I’m Healed’, the latest single from Bristol trio INDIGOS. Lifted from their self-titled EP, which is set for release via Club AC30 on 21st August, the band blend elements of psych, grunge and post-punk to create their captivating sounds.

INDIGOS enlisted the production skills of Ben Johnson and IDLES guitarist Lee Kiernan to record their EP, which is a polished observation on projection, nostalgia, dystopia, and the stream of consciousness. ‘I’m Healed’ is a shining example of the latter, with its fuzzy riffs and lyrical motifs. “We usually don’t know what a song is even about until it’s very nearly finished” the band explain. “Each song is as much a mystery to us as it is to anyone else, and that’s the way we like it.”

INDIGOS thrive in this state of creative ambiguity, and ‘I’m Healed’ is a strong introduction to their “mysterious” sounds. Listen to the new single below and follow the band on bandcamp and Facebook for more updates.


Photo Credit: Simon Holliday

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Graywave – ‘With Me’

An atmospheric slice of dream-pop designed to help listeners escape their bedroom walls; Graywave has shared her latest single, ‘With Me’. The track combines Graywave’s smooth vocals with lush, shoe-gaze inspired guitar sounds which help to distract and deter negative thoughts.

Graywave, aka multi-disciplinary artist Jess Webberley, is influenced by the likes of artists such as Men I Trust, Slowdive, Crumb, and Japanese Breakfast. She blends ambient elements of dream-pop with slightly gritter elements of shoegaze to produce her charming sounds, and ‘With Me’ is a gentle example of this.

“‘With Me’ was written and brought to life with the ambition to create something meaningful and creative during lockdown” Graywave explains. “The song was written and recorded by myself in my bedroom and sent off to Sam Bloor for mixing and mastering. The artwork is reflective of the writing experience and creating it was a way for me to visualise the sound of the track. It depicts my bedroom with the addition of a portal leading elsewhere, tying in with the mood of the song. The only coherent lyrics in the song – ‘always searching, always yearning’ – allude to the feeling of always wanting to surpass any successes I may achieve, coupled with a constant longing to be elsewhere.”

Graywave’s sentiments will resonate with many listeners as they approach the end of this lockdown period. Listen to ‘With Me’ below and follow Graywave on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Kayla May

Kate Crudgington