Track Of The Day: Ex-Vöid – ‘Churchyard’

A catchy, jaded slice of garage-pop inspired by an unusual past-time, UK power-pop punks Ex-Vöid have shared their latest single ‘Churchyard’. Taken from their debut album Bigger Than Before, which is set for release on 25th March via Prefect Records/Rough Trade, the track is a buoyant blend of melodic guitars, soft dual vocals and frustrated lyrics.

Formed by ex-Joanna Gruesome vocalists Lan McArdle and Owen Williams, along with Laurie Foster (bass) and Jonny Coddington (drums), Ex-Vöid are inspired by the sounds of The Byrds, Big Star and Teenage Fanclub. Whilst on the surface their music is infectiously upbeat, the band retain a sardonic, strung out wit through their lyrics, with ‘Churchyard’ being a prime example of this blend.

“I wrote ‘Churchyard’ when I was like 24 and living in Brighton,” guitarist Owen Williams explains. “My friend and I were unemployed and we used to spend a lot of time drinking cans of lager and taking legal highs in a pet graveyard. It was boring so at the end we sing ‘I get so bored’ over and over etc.”

This humourous apathy underscores the band’s debut record, Bigger Than Before. The album was recorded in just over an hour in a studio in Hackney, with minimal overdubs and no breaks. Bassist Laurie Foster was reported to have “kept on playing even though his belt came loose and his trousers fell down” – if that’s not incentive to listen, what is?

Listen to ‘Churchyard’ below.

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Photo Credit: Max Warren

Kate Crudgington

PREMIERE: Stream Oslo-based Ē’s debut EP

If you identify as an introvert or you’re a fan of lo-fi or “lo-pop” sounds; then Oslo-based Ē‘s debut EP is going to resonate with you. The group are set to self-release their four track record on June 14th via Bergen-based indie label Eget Selskap, but we’ve got exclusive access to the EP ahead of its official release date!

Formed in the summer of 2018, Ē consists of Ingvild Nærum, Chiara Cavallari, Ingvild Nærum and Sigrun Sæbø Åland. The band’s musical and lyrical sensibilities are influenced by the relatable fears of loneliness and abandonment, which have culminated in the band branding their sound as “lo-pop”. Drummer Ingvild Nærum explains further: “Sonically, “lo-pop” is essentially lo-fi pop music.Thematically, it indicates a sense of feeling small in society and just not being able to mask our pop sensibilities, both of which we reluctantly embrace”.

Ē’s reluctance translates in to moody, but infectious tunes that smolder with angst-driven energy. Mixed and mastered by Simen Hallset of Gold Celeste, the four tracks on their debut self-titled EP are designed to “explore things from a new perspective…[and] just to run with what feels cool and exciting, and even a bit silly.”

We’re hooked on Ē’s debut EP, which you can stream exclusively below! Follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington