EP: Sophie Kilburn – ‘My Room Made Public’

Sophie Kilburn is a London based, Derbyshire born singer-songwriter who merges a classic rock vibe with a modern alt-pop twist. My Room Made Public is her debut EP, featuring four tracks with an emphasis on digging deep to ask how much of our lives we should share with the world. 

Self-empowerment is a theme that runs throughout. Each track scratches the surface on different aspects we share and how we deal with the challenges life throws at us. For example, stirring opener ‘Movements’, with its driving guitar and percussive synth with shades of later Fleetwood Mac (“you’re the wildstar on my fan poster”) reflects on the acceptance that a relationship is over, whilst ‘I’m In love With My Therapist‘ – with its slow rock beat, and soulful refrain of “gotta get out of here” – explores the claustrophobia of self-analysis, using classic ’80s pop-rock sounds.

Although ‘Ruthless’ is a slightly more uptempo dance-pop track (although the lyrics deal with being unsure of oneself), the collection ends on a more reflective note with ‘Under The Heat’ – an emotionally open exploration of the social pressures of misogyny: “Under the heat, since I was young… My voice is strong enough to speak on its own.” That is the message of this EP as a whole; finding your voice and your place in the world, and having fun while you do it. And what is particularly clever is how it uses an old school classic sound to reflect modern pressures in this social media age, all delivered through Sophie’s exquisite, powerful vocals and poignant, emotional lyricism. It is both relatable and catchy, so let it be your therapy.

My Room Made Public is out now. Listen here.

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Photo Credit: Percy Walker-Smith

WATCH: Sophie Kilburn – ‘I’m In Love With My Therapist’

A ’90s inspired indie-pop belter, Sophie Kilburn has shared her latest single ‘I’m In Love With My Therapist‘. It’s the second single from her debut EP, following ‘Movements’, which also blew us away at GIHE. Shades of Americana ring out through the song, with the Derbyshire artist reflecting LA’s Sunset Boulevard. Fans of Haim, Phoebe Bridgers, and Maggie Rogers might just find Sophie Kilburn to be their new favourite artist.

A fiery fusion of old-school rocker and modern pop warrior, Sophie Kilburn captivates and commands her due attention. ‘I’m In Love With My Therapist’ is a display of assured and beautifully crafted song-writing. The addictive vocal hook lingers in your mind long after the song has finished. It’s a euphoric release, both emotionally and musically. Fierce guitar riffs, oozing a stadium anthem feel, interlace with the driven percussion and thumping bass line. It is foot-stomping emotion, displaying the strength that comes from being so in touch with your emotions, as Sophie sings of both being lost as well as knowing that she needs to get out. The musical drive and the honest lyrics create a poignant juxtaposition.

In her own words, Sophie describes how ‘I’m In Love With My Therapist’ came to be:

“It was lockdown number two, and I was annoyed at myself for killing yet another plant and the story of the song just fell from my frustration. When you go to therapy, you are trying to understand your emotions and behaviours. Sometimes that digging causes confusion, you start to project feelings – like your longing to fall in love – onto a person who ‘gives you the time of day’. It is quite a morbid thought that the only person who you feel who gets you and you can share anything with, is your therapistThey know everything about you, and you know nothing about them but the consistency of being emotionally intimate with them causes feelings to grow to the point of breaking point.”

The music video, shot with an all-female team led by Marieke Macklon, has shades of the Truman Show, with the cameras watching Sophie closely. It’s obsessive and bordering on invasive, powerfully illustrating the all-consuming nature of anxiety and depression and perfectly expressing the sentiment of the song.

Sophie Kilburn’s debut EP, My Room Made Me Public, is set for release next month.

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Track Of The Day: Sophie Kilburn – ‘Movements’

Sophie Kilburn’s anthemic new release is sure to cause a ‘movement’. Whether it takes you driving down a palm-tree lined highway, dressed in a biker jacket with the wind blowing in your hair, or dancing the hazy night away in a club, the music is beautifully transformative. The inspired and confident first instalment from Kilburn’s debut EP, ‘Movements’ is filled with an infectious euphoria, providing an exciting insight into what’s to come from the artist.

Bold and assured, Kilburn’s vocals emphasise the empowering nature of the music. Explaining the concept behind the track, she explains:

“… This song is all about a relationship that has broken down. When your gut is saying something is wrong but neither of you are saying anything. You know you are losing them, but you’re still besotted… It is about overcoming the fear of something ending and voicing your feelings in order to regain control of the situation…”

‘Movements’ is a supremely well-crafted indie-pop song; whilst Kilburn delivers captivating vocal hooks, driving rhythms roll alongside synths and guitars in a sleek and beautifully polished production. 

Self-described as the “English Haim sister from a Northern mister”, Sophie Kilburn’s sound harks back to Americana and influences of the late 1970s, with a modern twist. Born from a challenge on social media, set by fans, to write a song with the word “hip-thrusts”, ‘Movements’ was then developed by Kilburn into this utterly blissful banger

We love what we’ve heard so far from Sophie Kilburn and we’re really excited to hear what comes next with the debut EP!

My Room Made Public, the debut EP from Sophie Kilburn, is set for release in July this year.

Jazmine Kelly