Track Of The Day: Sophie Kilburn – ‘Movements’

Sophie Kilburn’s anthemic new release is sure to cause a ‘movement’. Whether it takes you driving down a palm-tree lined highway, dressed in a biker jacket with the wind blowing in your hair, or dancing the hazy night away in a club, the music is beautifully transformative. The inspired and confident first instalment from Kilburn’s debut EP, ‘Movements’ is filled with an infectious euphoria, providing an exciting insight into what’s to come from the artist.

Bold and assured, Kilburn’s vocals emphasise the empowering nature of the music. Explaining the concept behind the track, she explains:

“… This song is all about a relationship that has broken down. When your gut is saying something is wrong but neither of you are saying anything. You know you are losing them, but you’re still besotted… It is about overcoming the fear of something ending and voicing your feelings in order to regain control of the situation…”

‘Movements’ is a supremely well-crafted indie-pop song; whilst Kilburn delivers captivating vocal hooks, driving rhythms roll alongside synths and guitars in a sleek and beautifully polished production. 

Self-described as the “English Haim sister from a Northern mister”, Sophie Kilburn’s sound harks back to Americana and influences of the late 1970s, with a modern twist. Born from a challenge on social media, set by fans, to write a song with the word “hip-thrusts”, ‘Movements’ was then developed by Kilburn into this utterly blissful banger

We love what we’ve heard so far from Sophie Kilburn and we’re really excited to hear what comes next with the debut EP!

My Room Made Public, the debut EP from Sophie Kilburn, is set for release in July this year.

Jazmine Kelly

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