LISTEN: Wargirl – ‘Dancing Gold’

A sultry dose of funk, psych, and garage rock; Wargirl’s latest single ‘Dancing Gold’ is a smoldering, soul-infused gem. Released via German-based label Clouds Hill, the track is an exciting teaser of what’s to come from the Californian six-piece over the next year.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, the group explain: “In Costa Rica at sunset, the sky turns a million colors, sometimes the last sunlight is golden and it dances on the evening water and time stands still and you remember that all of life is a crazy miracle. All of us people are magical living beings, some of us get lost along the way, but at our best we are all ‘Dancing Gold’. This is a song to remind us to really live life as it is a gift and not be stuck in negativity.“

Vocalist Samantha Park’s voice projects powerfully over the band’s funk-fused beats, snaking bass lines, and psych-inspired riffs. ‘Dancing Gold’ is full of good vibes, and that’s what the band want to create. Guitarist Matthew Wignall extrapolates on this: “We want to make great, unique, interesting music with messages that are universal and true, encouraging the listener to take a deeper look at this life, to ask questions about what we all accept as normal.”

Wargirl will be touring the UK & Europe in March to celebrate their single release. Check out the video for ‘Dancing Gold’ below, and follow Wargirl on Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Wargirl UK Tour Dates 2020
13 March London, Old Blue Last
14 March Bristol, The Crofters Rights

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: SPELLLING – ‘Under The Sun’

SPELLLING (aka Chrystia Cabral) has shared her new single ‘Under The Sun’ – the second offering from her forthcoming album Mazy Fly, due for release on 22nd February via Sacred Bones. The track is a six minute blend of dance-inducing beats and smooth vocals, which SPELLLING says form a “cosmic prayer for good fortune”.

Chrystia began experimenting with music production in 2015 in an effort to carry on the creative legacy of a lost loved one. She released her first LP Pantheon of Me, in September 2017 via Bandcamp. Drawing heavily from messages in her dreams, the result was a “divine soul music; with a unique vision, inhabiting a world of its own”.

On her second record Mazy Fly, and new single ‘Under The Sun’, SPELLLING has developed her dreamy soundscape further: celebrating the “invisible energies that come together over time to create something radically new, like the birth of a star”. Check out the new track below and follow SPELLLING on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order SPELLING’s new album Mazy Fly via Sacred Bones here.

Photo credit: Catalina Xavlena

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: The Go! Team – ‘All The Way Live’

With a brand new album due out later this month, musical collective The Go! Team have now shared a new single, following their last release ‘Mayday’.

Taken from their upcoming album, ‘All The Way Live’ is filled with all the uptempo break-beats and soaring, brass melodies you could ever desire. Racing with a frenzied energy and playful, vibrant joy, it fuses together elements of hip-hop, soul and pop to create another immediately infectious, dance-inducing earworm from this magnificent band. Of the track, Ian Parton explains:

“‘All the Way Live’ is just an all out brass attack set to some pretty cheeky rapping. Lots of the voices are sampled from a record made as a kinda after school hip hop project by students of Carver Senior High, Chicago in 1983. We managed to track down the teacher behind the project – Mr. Harris – to clear it. It wasn’t really the fact it was old skool that attracted me but the personality and cheekiness that was jumping off the vinyl…”

Semicircle, the upcoming album from The Go! Team, is out 19th January via Memphis Industries – pre-order here. And catch the band live:

09 Feb – Glasgow, Oran Mor
10 Feb – Leeds, Wardrobe
11 Feb – Brighton, Haunt
15 Feb – London, Electric Ballroom
16 Feb – Newcastle, Riverside
17 Feb – Manchester, Gorilla

Mari Lane


Track Of The Day: Anushka – ‘Mountains’

If you’re looking for something to funk up your Tuesday, Brighton duo Anushka are here to do just that. Max Wheeler and Victoria Port combine Soul, House, Jazz, Bass Music and Hip Hop to create a fresh, modern, up-beat sound.

Their new single ‘Mountains’ is a psychedelic hip-hop track with smooth vocals and atmospheric beats that build to an impactful chorus. Lyrically the song has a deep and personal meaning:“It’s about how we are so often thrown into situations with people and they just aren’t ready to step up and be in the moment. It’s about personal growth and how we move on from people, how we reconcile and forgive and about how we become our own strength.”

The band’s forthcoming EP will be announced soon, and will feature artwork from artist and fashion designer Ryan Hawaii. Whilst we’re waiting for the cool new release, we’re happy to keep ‘Mountains’ playing on repeat.

Follow Anushka on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

ALBUM: Space Captain – ‘All Flowers In Time’

Brooklyn-based band Space Captain have released their eagerly anticipated full length album All Flowers In Time via Tru Thoughts Recordings today; and it’s a patient, well-produced, retrospective joy of a record. Influenced by the likes of Thundercat, Amy Winehouse & Bon Iver, the album is an eclectic mix of jazzy trumpet outros, sax solos, and acoustic “e-bow” guitars – blended together by warm, laid back melodies.

Opener ‘Side Eye’ blazes with smooth vocals, gentle guitar, and subtle electronics that create a pleasant, hazy atmosphere. It flows in to ‘Blue’ with it’s sweet R&B vibes, which are effortlessly extended on brief interlude ‘Daybreak’. Third track ‘Sycamore’ is a clear highlight, with its wonderfully laid-back, eclectic summer sound. Vocalist Maralisa’s talent is displayed with ease and elegance here, and it’s hard not to be swept away by the sax solos and simmering percussion. ‘Loveline / The Drive Home’ brings you back down to earth with it’s easy samba-inspired beats.

‘Cells’ is a dreamy two minutes of nostalgia – “new things with him are like old things with you, but loved like older things I used to do” – whilst ‘Hollow’ unlike it’s name, is full of emotion and drips with melancholy, but melodic magic. The band have dubbed penultimate track ‘Hours’ as the “country hit on the album”, but that’s too simplistic a label. It’s another emotionally charged offering from vocalist Maralisa, and proves the multi-instrumental sensitivities of the band are finely tuned.

‘Flood’ closes the record with more of Space Captain’s trademark relaxed beats and guitar-led melodies. All Flowers In Time is proof of the band’s “unique musical chemistry”, and you’ll be swept away on nostalgic waves each time you listen. Grab your copy of the album here, and follow Space Captain on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Patricia Lopez

Kate Crudgington