Track Of The Day: Priya Ragu – ‘Good Love 2.0’

In a sleek and groovy nuance, Priya Ragu releases an irresistible genre-quaking single with her latest release ‘Good Love 2.0’. The Tamil-Swiss artist has handpicked the absolute salt of her inspirations and constructed a tune that is equally easy as it is innovative, showing clear influence from a multitude of styles.

Pulsing bass and glossy vocals make ‘Good Love 2.0’ a feel-good pop banger, but it is not until Priya’s alternative funk-fuelled post-chorus comes in that we understand the musical density of this tune. With a sea of charismatic hand drums and glitchy production, Priya and her team have engineered the most refreshing taste of R&B that reflects an earnest taste of the current scene.

With shades of artists like Orion Son and King Princess, Priya has used both tender, poetic lyrics and the artistry of sound production itself to paint the emotive picture for her story in ‘Good Love 2.0’. Presenting strong songwriting with clear-cut infatuation-filled lyrics, listeners have such an exhilarating, dreamy treat in store. Optimism and curiosity fuel Priya’s ripened sonic energy that could make anyone, even for just a moment, imagine the sun. ‘Good Love 2.0’ is a moment of contentment and positivity that we all so deserve.

‘Good Love 2.0’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Jill Goyeau

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