Track Of The Day: VERO – ‘Cupid’

An intoxicating blur of urgent vocals and buzzing riffs, Stockholm-based trio VERO have shared their latest single ‘Cupid’. Taken from the band’s upcoming debut album Unsoothing Interior, which is set for release on 6th May via PNK SLM, the track is a raw exploration of lust and control, punctuated by discordant guitar noises and brooding lyrics.

Formed of teenage friends Julia Boman & Amanda Eddestål and Clara Gyökeres who they befriended whilst DJ’ing on the Stockholm nightclub circuit, VERO create music inspired by an eclectic range of influences. Their main purpose, aside from creating anthems with shades of 90s alternative icons Sonic Youth, is to challenge the idea of what a modern guitar band is supposed to be. That challenge started with previous singles ‘Beg!’ and a cover of Shame’s ‘Concrete’, but now the trio have further proved their ability to antagonise and intrigue listeners with their new single ‘Cupid’.

“‘Cupid’ was the first song we wrote that made the album” the band explain. “We had made a couple of demos before, but we weren’t loving them. They all sounded a bit too pretty and safe, so when the drums for Cupid were done, we took a guitar and started making these wheeling, chaotic noises, and that was it. That was the sound that set the tone for our album. The lyrics are a bit dream-like, it’s about lust and control.”

With their refreshingly candid approach to making music, VERO’s debut album is set to be a cathartic listen. “We don’t want to be super musicians,” bassist & vocalist Julia Boman explains further. “We want to write the best fucking songs and just have the best energy and show people that we’re having fun.” With ‘Cupid’, the band have certainly achieved that.

Listen to ‘Cupid’ below.

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Photo Credit: Dan Kendall

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: The Magnettes – ‘American’

Having previously wowed us live at The Finsbury with the colourful charisma and intense energy of their performance, and with acclaim from the likes of Earmilk and The 405, Swedish duo Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla – aka The Magnettes – have returned to our ears with a brand new single.

More mellow in sound than past offerings, ‘American’ builds on the band’s love-hate relationship with the country and all they’ve learnt from it. Oozing a sweeping emotion alongside instantly infectious glistening melodies and honey-sweet vocals, it builds to a soaring pop anthem. Whilst revealing a more reflective side to the duo, ‘American’ maintains all the sparkling, empowering energy that we’ve come to know and love.

Of the track, the band explain:

“We have a problem with America. Or maybe with ourselves. America is the things we love and the things we hate. Since we were babies it taught us what love was and how to live the dream, and like junkies we swallowed it in chunks. Dylan, Denny’s and Dawson’s Creek, the twists and turns of teenage drama, extra salt, extra sugar. We viewed the world through that filter and plastered American Romance on our surroundings, until slowly but surely we realised what we already had was kind of OK too.”


Produced by Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström, ‘American’ is out now.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Annica Zion