Track Of The Day: Tape Runs Out – ‘Ode To Barry’

Having previously charmed us live at one of our GIHE nights at The Finsbury, multi-instrumental collective Tape Runs Out have now announced the release of their debut album, due out sometime in 2022. And, to celebrate the news, they have now shared a brand new single, via one of our favourite labels, Trapped Animal Records.

A song dedicated to, and inspired by, lead singer and producer Liam Goodrum-Bell’s beloved bearded dragon, ‘Ode To Barry‘ drifts into the ears with its luscious, twinkling folk-strewn hooks and a shimmering effervescent splendour. As a soaring, glistening musicality provides the backdrop for its delicate harmonies, an ethereal dreamscape is created, oozing a beautifully blissful aura as rich, textured layers of eclectic instrumentation (yes, that is a hammered dulcimer you hear) are interwoven seamlessly together. A delightful ode to a much-loved pet, ‘Ode To Barry’ ripples with a sparkling joyous energy as it caresses the senses with a much-needed sense of hope and tranquility as its exquisite melodies flow with a heartfelt emotion.

‘Ode To Barry’ is accompanied by a utterly unique online experience dubbed Barry Quest – a choose-your-own-adventure style game featuring the titular lizard, with the video for the new song hidden as one of several different endings to the game. Computer games AND lizards… What more could you possibly want?! Explaining the concept, Liam comments:

“The game came about from my love of puzzles, and my fascination with trying to figure out how Barry’s mind works. As I watch him wander around the house, bumping into doors and licking walls, I often wonder if he feels like he is on an adventure, or if he even thinks at all. Aside from the more dreamlike eventualities, the game represents both the frolics and nonsense of a day in the life of Barry, albeit with added intentions and considerations that he almost certainly does not experience.

Guide Barry to find the video here! And if you’d just to like to get straight to watching the video, here it is:

‘Ode To Barry’ is out now via Trapped Animal Records.

Mari Lane

EP: Tape Runs Out – ‘Talking Through Walls’

In a glistening manner, indie/electronic band Tape Runs Out take listeners down a lively new exploratory path in their newborn EP, Talking Through The Walls. Like cutting a crisp corner, the wind of the EP’s overturning tone provides a sense of urgency throughout this twinkling release that allows intricacy a spotlight, and quietness its space. In Talking Through The Walls‘ opening track ‘Make It Work’, the feeling of nostalgia is set for the record that stands parallel with the smell of untouched stories. With a shoegaze-strewn, dream-like element to the sonic landscape, Tape Runs Out lay out a bed of travel where moments of swelling synth and shiny guitar can be immortal. 

The freshness of Talking Through The Walls resides in Tape Runs Out’s ability to introduce folk sounds and timbres that ever so unexpectedly fit the band’s sonic language. ‘Ice Cream Soup’, found halfway through the release, bends in ways sounding both digital and analog as synths mimic a traditional guitar slide. There is a distinct and quirky charisma embodied in what Tape Run’s Out have stumbled upon here.

Ending the EP with lullaby-like elegance, ‘My Childhood Hands’ is an emotionally enduring mural painted with background samples that sound like home. As the pulsing keys initiate the song, here there remains room for listeners to have their own moment with the piece before the tremolo begins to shift the song’s footing. As the drifting instrumentation builds, listeners shuffle along picking up tiny yet significant elements that gradually layer in the mix like a story. This tasteful font in which Tape Runs Out have written their EP so strategically in, illustrates the band’s attention to detail. Talking Through The Walls is an instrumental adventure worth the conquest. 

Talking Through Walls is out now via Kuang Grade Recordings. Listen on Spotify.

Jill Goyeau

Get In Her Ears Live @ The Finsbury w/ Chorusgirl, 13.09.19

Following a host of amazing bands playing for us lately, including Witching Waves, CLT DRP, Crumbs, Mammoth Penguins and ARXX, we were back at The Finsbury on Friday with another dream of a line-up, for a jam-packed night of the best new music.

Kicking things off is the energy-fuelled power of Swimsuit Competition. With raging riffs, immense pounding beats and the soaring gritty force of Amber Scott’s vocals, the band radiate a sense of frenzied fun and vibrant passion.

Next up, adults charm the ears with their ‘tweecore’ indie-pop goodness. Despite guitar issues (soon remedied with the help of Chorusgirl!), their emotion-strewn scuzz, jangly uplifting energy and candied, dreamy harmonies leave me feeling all the feels and a bit more in love with this South London group with each fuzzy note.

Penultimate band of the night, Tape Runs Out, deliver their genre-defying soundscapes with a joyous energy. Filling the stage with seven incredible musicians, each showcasing a sparkling musicality, they create rich, textured offerings, complete with folk strewn strings and the twinkling tones of a hammered dulcimer (a first, I think, for a GIHE night!).

Closing the night, Chorusgirl return to the GIHE stage, nearly three years after playing for us at our first ever night at The Finsbury. It’s pretty special to have them back, having been solid faves for so long, and they certainly don’t disappoint. Treating us to their dreamy garage-pop, effervescent harmonies and impressive driving riffs flow as Silvi’s distinctive, lush vocals soar throughout. Delivering tracks from both their albums, with their utterly unique, shimmering sounds and endearing modest charm, they ooze a heart-rending, cathartic energy. And no more so than when Silvi dedicates my most favourite song to me; as the poignant emotive power of ‘Stuck’ fills the room, I feel my eyes gently moisten, as I’m filled with a wave of joyous pride at how far both this band, and I, have come.

I’m so grateful to be able to bring like-minded people together each month to share their love of great music, and show support for each other, and Chorusgirl remind me of just how important this is.

Huge thanks to all four bands who played for us on Friday! Join us next month, on 11th October, back at The Finsbury with headliners GENN (fka Cryptic Street).


Words: Mari Lane / @marimindles
Photos: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto