Track Of The Day: Tape Runs Out – ‘Ode To Barry’

Having previously charmed us live at one of our GIHE nights at The Finsbury, multi-instrumental collective Tape Runs Out have now announced the release of their debut album, due out sometime in 2022. And, to celebrate the news, they have now shared a brand new single, via one of our favourite labels, Trapped Animal Records.

A song dedicated to, and inspired by, lead singer and producer Liam Goodrum-Bell’s beloved bearded dragon, ‘Ode To Barry‘ drifts into the ears with its luscious, twinkling folk-strewn hooks and a shimmering effervescent splendour. As a soaring, glistening musicality provides the backdrop for its delicate harmonies, an ethereal dreamscape is created, oozing a beautifully blissful aura as rich, textured layers of eclectic instrumentation (yes, that is a hammered dulcimer you hear) are interwoven seamlessly together. A delightful ode to a much-loved pet, ‘Ode To Barry’ ripples with a sparkling joyous energy as it caresses the senses with a much-needed sense of hope and tranquility as its exquisite melodies flow with a heartfelt emotion.

‘Ode To Barry’ is accompanied by a utterly unique online experience dubbed Barry Quest – a choose-your-own-adventure style game featuring the titular lizard, with the video for the new song hidden as one of several different endings to the game. Computer games AND lizards… What more could you possibly want?! Explaining the concept, Liam comments:

“The game came about from my love of puzzles, and my fascination with trying to figure out how Barry’s mind works. As I watch him wander around the house, bumping into doors and licking walls, I often wonder if he feels like he is on an adventure, or if he even thinks at all. Aside from the more dreamlike eventualities, the game represents both the frolics and nonsense of a day in the life of Barry, albeit with added intentions and considerations that he almost certainly does not experience.

Guide Barry to find the video here! And if you’d just to like to get straight to watching the video, here it is:

‘Ode To Barry’ is out now via Trapped Animal Records.

Mari Lane

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