LISTEN: Song Sung – ‘Come To The Water’

Hypnotising vocals, atmospheric electronics and echoing beats permeate ‘Come To Water’, the latest single from Song Sung. Taken from their debut EP I Surrender, set for release on 27th March via Night Time Stories, the duo have a talent for crafting alluring, melodic soundscapes.

Formed of twin sisters Georgina and Una McGeough, Song Sung grew up in Monaghan, Ireland before moving over to New York a decade ago. Since then, the pair have been dabbling in software and even creating songs over second-hand bass lines from a nightclub DJ that used to rumble through the floor of their East Village apartment. Now, the duo are working with David Holmes (Unloved), who co-wrote and produced their EP along with his bandmate Keefus Ciancia. The pair have previously worked on scores with Holmes too, including The Fall and Killing Eve (for which they won a BAFTA)..

Speaking about the new single, Georgina of Song Sung explains: “‘Come to the Water’ is a song caught somewhere between obsession and vulnerability. There’s a fragility in the tone, a yearning within and an uncertainty in the end.” It’s this blend of emotions that makes the duo’s new track so captivating, and has us eager to hear more of their beguiling sounds.

Listen to ‘Come to the Water’ below, and follow Song Sung on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Get In Her Ears w/ Brix Smith-Start 20.02.20

Kate & Mari were back in the studio this week with plenty of new music from the likes of MAITA, MIRI, LegPuppy, Bad Bones, HMS Morris, Li Yilei, Am.I & Charlotte Spiral.

They were joined by the incredible Brix Smith-Start, who spoke about her last three albums with Brix & The Extricated, and her experiences over the years as a trailblazer in the music industry.

Listen back here:

Lizzo – Juice
LegPuppy (feat. Josefin Ohrn) – Secret Friend
MAITA – A Beast
DRAMA – Years
MIRI – Girls Just Want To Have Fun
MEI – I Don’t Know What’s Next
Lido Pimienta – Eso Que Tu Haces
Bad Bones – Beg
Desire – Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)
Alessi’s Ark – Woman
Shoulder Season – Clean Lines
Brix & The Extricated – Wolves
RUNAH – Same Face
Li Yilei – A Star Without Guidance
HMS Morris – Babanod
Hilary Woods – Orange Tree
Girl Ray – Friend Like That
Am.i – Millenial
Chloe Foy – Callous Copper
Charlotte Spiral – Wide Eyed
Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box
Kate Tempest – People’s Faces

ALBUM: Brix & The Extricated – ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’

Known as the Super Blood Wolf Moon, this rare celestial event occurs when the first full Moon in a calendar year is at its closest approach to Earth, during a total lunar eclipse; a collision of the Super Moon, the Blood Moon and the Wolf Moon.

Just like the moonscape that inspired its name, the soundscape of Brix & the Extricated‘s latest LP Super Blood Wolf Moon is a collision of raucous post-punk hooks, infectious progressive rock riffs, and euphoric melodies that honour and transcend the historical output of the band’s founders: vocalist/guitarist Brix Smith Start and bassist Steve Hanley, ex-members of The Fall.

Super Blood Wolf Moon is the third record from Brix & the Extricated – following their 2017 debut, Part 2, and 2018’s sophomore release, Breaking State. Opening with ‘Strange Times’, a gentle, shimmering guitar ballad of global despair that musically recalls Brix’s earlier indie pop band, The Adult Net, it continues with ‘Hustler’ – a different beast altogether. The Fall-esque second track combines the musicality of Brix, Steve, and his brother, drummer Paul Hanley’s, ’80s output – referred to lovingly as the “Brix Smith years” – with lyrical elements of unforgiving brutality: “I know, you know / I know, you know / You’re just a two-bit hustler / It’s coming back to crush ya!”

‘Wolves’ is the defining track of Super Blood Wolf Moon; reflecting on pack mentality and driven by the Hanley brothers’ driving basslines, drum beats and the triple cascading guitar collision of Brix, Steve Trafford (also ex-The Fall) and Jason Brown: “I run with wolves and sleep beneath the stars / The clothes I wear is just to hide the scars / The cross I bear is etched into my skin / I run with wolves, they’re my next of kin.”

The edgy, hypnotic, pulsating bass guitar of Steve Hanley on ‘Waterman’ is complemented by Brix’s haunting vocals, transitioning to the catchy, almost upbeat pop of ‘Dinosaur Girl’. But don’t let your ears deceive you. Brix sings honestly of depression and over medication culture – “Below the excavation / Lies the remains of a Prozac nation / Just a dinosaur girl.”

‘Crash Landing’ explores themes of drug addiction and suicide against a psychedelic guitar soundscape, enhanced by the inclusion of violinist Sarah Brandwood-Spencer’s blissful strings, whilst Brix and Steve Trafford share vocal duties, providing fantastical female/male harmonies for ‘Wintertyde’, arranged against spectral harpsichord.

Brix & the Extricated’s social commentary continues on ‘Wasteland’; a dark, operatic track that explores climate change, the destruction of our environment, and conspiracy through intense drum strikes, thunderous guitars, and sweeping strings. Whilst penultimate track, ‘Tannis Root’, is just as heavy, combining staccato rhythm guitar riffs with punchy, powerful basslines.

Closing Super Blood Wolf Moon with a heightened sense of foreboding, ‘The God Stone’ begins with Sarah’s deeply moving strings, building up to a crescendo of eccentric electric guitar. A fitting finale to an often uncomfortable and challenging record seeped in classic pop melodies, abrasive post-punk and brooding social commentary. Prepare to be extricated!

Super Blood Moon Wolf is out now via Grit Over Glamour Records.

Ken Wynne

ALBUM: Brix & The Extricated – ‘Breaking State’

Following the success of their debut Part 2 last September, post-punk super-group Brix & The Extricated have just released their new album Breaking State. Having relentlessly toured and performed at numerous festivals over the last year, they’ve now returned with this latest release – pushing sonic boundaries, showcasing their vast artistic intentions and front-woman Brix Smith-Start’s incredible songwriting talent.

An eclectic collection of sounds, Breaking State is introduced to our ears by the sweeping, discordant strings (arranged by Sarah Brandwood-Spencer) and eerie power of opening track ‘Alaska’. As the thunderous bass lines of Steve Hanley kick in, pounding beats provide the backdrop to Smith-Start’s distinctive soaring drawl, which captivates with its immense, ferocious power. Continuing in the same vein, ‘HC’ and ‘Dog Face’ provide perfect blasts of post-punk power, with swirling Fall-reminiscent guitars and spiky bass, alongside gritty vocals and an immediate, frenetic energy.

Combining catchy surf-rock hooks with a raw vocal delivery, lead single ‘Prime Numbers’ “… is about about sacred geometry and mathematics as the language of the universe. Non physical consciousness and chaos magic…”, before we’re greeted by an interlude from the punk-driven force in the two following tracks which signal a slight change in tone. With a sweeping musicality, ‘Heavy Skies’ interweaves layers of strings, guitars and a steady pulse, flowing with twinkling emotion-strewn melodies as it builds to a luscious cinematic soundscape. Likewise, ‘Vanity’ continues with a sparkling splendour, exuding a unique emotive majesty, proving that Smith-Start is certainly no one trick pony.


Reviving a classic punk energy and seething passion, tracks such as ‘Sleazebag’ – confronting all those sleazebags in the industry that we’re unfortunately so familiar with -, ‘Going Strong’ and ‘Heavy Crown’ blast out with an in-your-face power and empowering spirit, propelled by Hanley’s trademark immense basslines and Smith-Start’s gritty, snarling vocals.

Closing the album is perhaps the most poignant offering of the lot. Juxtaposing a romanticism of musicality with a forthright bold lyricism – “I will never give up, I will never back down…” -, it’s an utterly empowering end to a fantastic collection from a totally inspirational woman. Oozing a refreshingly raw, honest emotion, it’s a perfectly epic ballad to end the album – a motivational anthem that’ll have you singing along as you get up, ready to face the world, whatever it may throw at you.

Oozing a fresh energy, Breaking State marks Brix Smith-Start out as an artist willing to move with the times and develop her sound. Whilst retaining her reputation as a somewhat legendary musician, as well as a strong female presence in the industry, it’s refreshing to hear that she’s still coming up with new ideas and even drawing influence from some of the exciting young bands around at the moment. A perfect melting pot of genres and inspirations – from riotous punk, to classic rock ‘n’ roll’, and twinkling pop to fresh post-punk -, Breaking State is a simply epic creation, proving that Brix & The Extricated are well and truly back, and cannot be missed.

Breaking State is out now. Catch Brix & The Extricated live at the following dates:

3rd November – Leicester, The Cookie
4th November – Bedford, Esquires
10th November – Hull, The Adelphi
11th November – Liverpool, The Loft Arts Club
16th November – Oxford, The Bullingdon (The Bully)
17th-18th November – Butlins’s, Minehead Shiiiine On Weekender
25th November – Norwich Arts Centre

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Krista Lynch

Track Of The Day: Menace Beach – ‘Crawl In Love’

Fuzzy, strung-out, but fueled by positivity: Liza Violet & Ryan Needham – aka Menace Beach – have shared their new single ‘Crawl in Love’, taken from their upcoming album Black Rainbow Sound. Due on August 31st via Memphis Industries, the new record is a “a colourful world of bizzaro no-wave analogue synths and static, drenched in electronic euphoria”.

The Leeds-based band have been busy flitting between their bedrooms and The Nave studio in Leeds, writing and recording Black Rainbow Sound with producer Matt Peel (Eagulls). It’s the band’s first new material since early 2017’s Lemon Memory, and features a collaboration with Brix Smith of The Fall, and Brix and the Extricated.

Speaking about their new song ‘Crawl In Love’, Ryan said: “It’s tough to justify chucking another song with ‘love’ in the title on the pile, but ’Crawl in Love’ is truly the most unabashed, chock-full of joy song we’ve ever written and it came to us at a time when the endless horror of these times seemed to be really upping its game on a daily basis…I just went full cliche hippy and started writing list after list that explored and celebrated all ideas of love in the universe, a search for every last drop I could think of. Writing this one really gave me the mental rest I needed at that time.”

Menace Beach are gearing up to tour the UK again in October & November. Check out their dates below, and learn the words to ‘Crawl In Love’ in the meantime.

Pre-order Menace Beach’s Black Rainbow Sound here
Follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Menace Beach UK Tour Dates 2018

18 Oct – Derby, The Hairy Dog
20 Oct – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
22 Oct – Glasgow, Broadcast
23 Oct – Newcastle, The Cluny 2
24 Oct – Manchester, Deaf Institute
25 Oct – London, Oslo
26 Oct – Bristol, Rough Trade
27 Oct – Sheffield, Picture House Social
02 Nov – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Menace Beach (ft. Brix Smith) – ‘Black Rainbow Sound’

If you’re going to shift your sound, then who better to team up with than Brix Smith. Joining infamous post-punk Mancunians The Fall in the early ’80s, she helped reshape the band into something more akin to Californian new-wave pop. Here, she joins Leeds band Menace Beach on new single ‘Black Rainbow Sound’, ahead of the band’s third album of the same name. Menace Beach are a loose collection of musicians, a ‘sort-of supergroup’, featuring members from Hookworms and Sky Larkin, but featuring Liza Violet (formerly of Department M) and Ryan Needham (Komakino) at its core.  

‘Black Rainbow Sound’ is a notable move away from the band’s previous lo-fi ’90s alt-rock guitar noise, found on debut Ratworld and its follow-up Lemon Memory. Here, bleepy synths and loops whirl around a spiky guitar that starts off like Pavement but, as the whole builds – with a grinding bass, drums that snap to the point and vocal harmonies – starts to sound increasingly krautrocky. This is particularly true of its middle eight as Needham spits “Make it all the time, make it all the time”, before it leads into Smith, cameoing with a voice from the ether, a character that changes the song’s narrative, talking about being “between molecules…beaming out thoughts which…ricochet across the universe”. It’s delightful nonsense that breaks up the repetition of the song and, after several listens which bring out the multiple layers, the track reveals itself as a bit of a pop grower. Quite a feat from a band whose last two singles were titled ‘Maybe We’ll Drown’ and ‘Give Blood’!

With a chunky bassy chug, shiny bright synths and vocals that chime just right, the song’s multiple layers that arch together are a perfect aural depiction of the titular ‘Black Rainbow Sound’, with Brix Smith’s golden shimmer as its highest curve. With the knotting together of the natural electronic and guitar tendencies of members Liza and Ryan, ‘Black Rainbow Sound’ points towards an album that may well be Menace Beach’s best.

Black Rainbow Sound, the upcoming album from Menace Beach, is out 31st August via Memphis Industries.

John McGovern

Photo Credit: Tommy Davidson