PLAYLIST: May 2023

The Get In Her Ears team have put together another eclectic mix of indie & alternative anthems, grungy guitar riffs, alt-pop gems and electronic tunes for your listening pleasure. Take some time to scroll through our track choices below, and make sure you press play on the playlist at the end of this post.

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Le Tigre – ‘My My Metrocard’
The GIHE gang are finally seeing Le Tigre live in London on Saturday and we CANNOT wait to dance together in raging, cathartic bliss! Although I’ve been lucky enough to see Bikini Kill and The Julie Ruin live, it’ll feel extra special seeing Kathleen Hanna, JD Samson and Johanna Fateman reunited – Le Tigre were my ‘gateway’, if you will, to all things Riot Grrrl, hearing them regularly in the local indie club I’d visit throughout my teens during the early noughties, before delving into what came before. I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it! (Mari Lane)

pink suits – ‘pink suits everyone’
Having had the pleasure of hosting Margate punk duo play for us at a couple of gigs over the last two years (supporting Problem Patterns and ARXX), we’re excited to welcome them back to The Shackewell Arms on 22nd June. It’s going to be extra special, as this time they’ll be headlining in celebration of their upcoming album, Dystopian Hellscape. Support from Chuck SJ and the Rose Quartz Rebellion and Breakup Haircut. Grab your tickets here! (ML)

GENN – ‘ A Reprise (That Girl)’
Long time GIHE faves GENN with their latest single. ‘A Reprise (The Girl)’ showcases all there is to love about the Anglo-Maltese quartet; with their trademark funk-fuelled sound and fierce energy, it’s an immense angst-driven anthem. (ML)

INDIGOS – ‘Drug Dealer, Faith Healer’
I’m a big fan of this track by Bristol-based band INDIGOS. Taken from their upcoming EP, IN UTOPIA, which is set for release on 21st June, ‘Drug Dealer, Faith Healer’ draws parallels between drug use and organised religion, comparing the ritualistic natures of both.
(Kate Crudgington)

HotWax – ‘Rip It Out’
The latest single from Hastings teenage grunge trio HotWax, taken from their debut EP, A Thousand Times. I’ve probably played ‘Rip It Out’ a thousand times? It’s a riotous anthem about ripping out your contraceptive implant. I interviewed the band before their gig at The Lexington back in April and we spoke about this track and more. Read the full piece here. (KC)

Fraulein – ‘Big Cool’
Self-described as “a wild ride, a bit screamy, very big & very cool,” I love this new anthem from GIHE faves Fraulein. Joni & Karsten continuously impress all of us with their brooding, grunge-infused noise and ‘Big Cool’ is no exception. It’s taken from their upcoming EP, Pedestal, which is set for release on 30th June. (KC)

CHROMA – ‘Woman To Woman’
Having wowed crowds at SXSW and Focus Wales this year, and with a debut album set for release later this year, Welsh rockers CHROMA rally in support of people of minority genders in immense latest single ‘Woman To Woman’. Calling out those who call themselves feminists whilst actively oppressing others, it races with a fierce energy, blasting out the poignant message that “Trans Women Are Women” with a searing sense of urgency. (ML)

My Ugly Clementine – ‘Are You In’
Described as “a reminder to jump in, be assertive and to go with the flow”, I love this track from Vienna-based three piece My Ugly Clementine. Are You In? is taken from their upcoming album, The Good Life, which will be released on August 11 via BMG. The band are coming over to the UK to play a show at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch on 8th October, so grab a ticket if you like what you hear. (KC)

Touch Excellent – ‘Record’
A tenacious anthem that takes aim at the failures of the healthcare system when it comes to treating women, non-binary and transgender folks, this is the debut single from Touch Excellent. Playfully self-describing themselves as “Ireland’s most transgender band (surely)”, Touch Excellent create raw, frenzied, politically-driven cacophonies that are designed to dismantle the systems that oppress us. ‘Record’ is inspired by the band members own experiences with the medical system, the recent Cervical Check scandal in Ireland, and the ongoing fight for reproductive rights around the world. (KC)

Cumgirl8 – ‘cicciolina’
I missed New York four-piece cumgirl8 when they played The Great Escape earlier this month, but their catchy, chaotic sounds have been ricocheting around my head anyway. ‘Cicciolina’ is a snapshot of what the band are all about, as they explain: “Cicciolina is an Italian icon, porn star and former politician that was elected to parliament in the 90s. She advocated for human rights and the eradication of nuclear weapons. Cicciolina said ‘make sex not war’ and used her divine power of femininity to troll the status quo while disrupting it from the inside. We feel her ideals are foundational to the cumgirl8 philosophy of subversive change, peace, and strength in vulnerability. We hope she loves our song, we love her very much. Cicciolina is cumgirl1.” (KC)

The Black Isle – ‘Jewel Box’
Bonding over a shared love of grunge and pop, Yorkshire-based band The Black Isle create fuzzed up, melodic guitar tunes. The band released their new EP, Vagus Nerve, today (31st May), so if you like the sound of ‘Jewel Box’, you should check it out here.(KC)

HAVVK – ‘Daylight Robbery’
I was super excited to hear about the return of total faves HAVVK! They played the first ever gig we hosted back in 2016, and have continued to charm us with their rich ethereal power ever since. ‘Daylight Robbery’ offers a grittier sound from the Irish duo, reflecting on the safe spaces we create for ourselves and the exhaustion and fear we can feel when these are invaded. A fierce anthem oozing the band’s trademark, cathartic rage and captivating grace. (ML)

Trout – ‘Gutter’
I love this bittersweet anthem from the excellently named Trout. The Copenhagen-born, Liverpool-based musician has just signed to Chess Club Records and returned from playing The Great Escape Festival, so 2023 looks set to be a great year for her. ‘Gutter’ is a tongue-in-cheek response to those who doubt what it’s like to live with depression, explored via grungy riffs and Trout’s layered vocals. (KC)

Ezra Williams – ‘Until I’m Home’
This is a tender offering from Irish non-binary musician Ezra Williams, taken from their debut album, Supernumeraries, which is set for release on 16th June via AWAL. Speaking about the track, Ezra explains: “I wrote this song on the train home from hanging out with my girlfriend at the time. I overthink everything, and cannot be left alone with my own thoughts for a second, or I’ll feel like the world is collapsing in on me.” We love Ezra’s music here at GIHE and look forward to hearing their debut record in full. (KC)

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra – ‘Empty Envelope’
Mari has booked Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra to headline our Get In Her Ears gig in October and I am SO. EXCITED. They were recommended to me by Irish musician Fears a while ago, and I’ve had this track ‘Empty Envelope’ on repeat since then. Please grab a ticket to come and see them live at The Shacklewell Arms. We can have a little cry in the front row when they play it (disclaimer: this is optional). Tickets are cheaper in advance and available via DICE here. (KC)

Midwife & Vya Melinkolya – ‘Hounds Of Heaven’
I am obsessed with Midwife & Vya Melinkolya’s collaborative EP, Orbweaving, which they created during the time they spent together in the deserts of New Mexico where Midwife is based. From nights spent “herping” on empty roadsides looking for rattlesnakes, roadkill and spiders, to meaningful days in the studio, Orbweaving captures a moment of melancholy and metamorphosis for both artists. It’s one of my favourite EPs of the year so far. (KC)

JFDR – ‘Life Man’
‘Life Man’ is taken from Icelandic musician JFDR’s third album Museum, which came out at the end of last month. JFDR says “The song is about one of those moments; when you get a second to breathe and an overwhelming wave of existentialism hits you in the face.” Kate caught her set at St Mary’s Church in Brighton as part of The Great Escape Festival, which you can read all about here. (TW)

SOLE – ‘en och en’
I have Kate to thank for discovering this tack! It comes from SOLE who is a Swedish artist, music producer and songwriter. This track is taken from her upcoming second album. I love the calming nature of it, with beautiful vocals that make you feel like you’re being lifted up by the music, transcending into a better place. (TW)

Headboy – ‘Cement’
London trio Headboy’s latest release, taken from their upcoming debut EP, Was It What You Thought?, which is set for release on 9th June via Blitzcat Records. This track focuses in on the significance of friendship amidst a backdrop of bright, intricate indie-rock. Speaking more on the lyrical inspiration behind ‘Cement’, the band said: “In the heat of a turbulent summer, misrule reigned. ‘Cement’ is about taking stock and refuge in the comfort of your friends and the people around you; and the rediscovery of friendship. It includes advice from lyricist Mars West’s grandfather – ‘don’t count the days it slows them down’ – a warning against wishing away life.” I’m looking forward to hearing the EP in full! (TW)

The Orielles – ‘Tableau 002’
Having just released their experimental new EP, The Goyt Method – an innovative re-working of last year’s album Tableau – long time faves The Orielles continue to showcase their insightful and sophisticated songwriting, and ability to create exquisite, avant-garde soundscapes. Find out more about the intriguing processes and techniques used to put the EP together, as well as reflections on memorable live shows and being women in the music industry, in our recent interview with Sid and Esmé from the band! The Goyt Method is out now via Heavenly Records. (ML)

DEWEY – ‘The Janitor’
This is the latest single from previous guest on our Soho Radio show DEWEY. ‘The Janitor’ is serving those wonderful otherworldly soundscapes that DEWEY does so well. I particularly love the catchy guitars and rhythms on this track, it’s got a real groove to it. DEWEY will be playing a free gig at East London’s Jaguar Shoes on the 1st June. (TW)

Lauren Auder – ‘we2assume2many2roles’
An intriguing exploration of the contradicting nature of human experience, I’m a big fan of this single from British-French artist Lauren Auder. Co-produced by GIHE fave Jessica Winter, mmph, Alex Parish and Auder herself, ‘we2assume2many2roles’ is a hazy alt-pop gem that marks an exciting new direction for the songwriter. (KC)

CATBEAR – ‘I’ll Meet You At The End’
London duo CATBEAR with their latest single. A ‘love song for the apocalypse’, ‘I’ll Meet You At The End’ reflects on the power of connection, even in the darkest of times. With its soaring, blissful allure I can’t get enough of this shimmering, immersive soundscape. (ML)

Softee – ‘Isn’t Enough’
The latest single from Brooklyn based artist Nina Grollman aka Softee, ‘Isn’t Enough’ showcases her ability to create sparkling alt-pop soundscapes with a stirring, heartfelt emotion. Oozing a glistening, immersive splendour throughout, her new debut album Natural explores complex themes of identity and transformation with a soulful, uplifting energy. (ML)

Ruti – ‘Luh Luh Love’
I had the total pleasure of catching Ruti on the first day of The Great Escape in Brighton earlier this month, and their vocals blew me away. I totally love this track of theirs ‘Luh Luh Love’. There’s such a gentle sweetness to it and a lovely depth and tone to Ruti’s voice. Feel good vibes. (TW)

Charlotte Carpenter – ‘Spinning Plates’
The first taster of Charlotte Carpenter’s upcoming debut album, ‘Spinning Plates’ offers a poignant reflection on the power structures and misogyny within the music industry. I’m a big fan of the impassioned blues-soaked splendour of this striking call to arms to fellow women and marginalised groups within the industry. (ML)

Carpenters – ‘Yesterday Once More’
Just wanted to play a Carpenters song as I was lucky enough to interview Lucy O’Brien recently about her new book about legendary artist Karen Carpenter. Lead Sister is a truly moving account, recalled with stirring empathy by Lucy – whilst not ignoring the sadness of Karen’s story (one which can be quite affecting, especially for anyone who has personal experience of eating disorders), it highlights Karen’s voice, her strength of spirit and passion for what she loved (like drumming!) (ML)

GIHE: Personal Highlights Of 2022

We’ve already shared our Albums & EPs Of 2022 and Tracks Of 2022 features, but now the GIHE team have put together a round up of some of their music related highlights from the past twelve months.

At the risk of jinxing absolutely everything, 2022 has been a positive year for GIHE! From the brilliant lineups Mari organised for our monthly gigs at East London venues The Shacklewell Arms, Sebright Arms & The Victoria, to the monthly Soho Radio shows that Kate & Tash produced and hosted, the GIHE gals were grateful to feel connected – either through the internet or in real life – to our friends and followers, and that’s what our Personal Highlights of 2022 reflect.

Read below for a recap of some of our favourite bits of the year. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported GIHE. We’ll see you in 2023. x


Team Highlight: Being interviewed for Clash Magazine

Journalist McKenzie Morgan kindly took the time to speak to us about how we started GIHE, our ethos as a platform and how much we cherish being a part of the underground music community. Her thoughtful write up emphasises the importance of safe spaces at gigs and supporting the artists we love in order to help them to break through into more public spheres.
You can read the full article here.

Featuring on Craig Charles’ 6Music show for Trunk Of Punk

Mari, Tash & I were over the moon when we were invited to represent GIHE on BBC 6Music’s Trunk Of Punk feature at the beginning of December. As a team, we picked some of our favourite punk tunes, including ‘Oh Bondage, Up Yours!’ by X Ray Spex, ‘Day and Age’ by Problem Patterns and ‘Sainted’ by Big Joanie. Speaking to Craig Charles over the phone was a surreal experience, but telling him the punk spirit was “undeniable” and getting the GIHE name out on the airwaves was such a joy. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and who sent nice messages afterwards!
(Kate Crudgington – Co-Founder & Features Editor)

The Women’s Work Showcase at Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast

A community led, human-centered approach to promoting and supporting women & non-binary people in music, the Women’s Work Showcase at Belfast’s Oh Yeah Music Centre was stacked with impressive live performances that displayed the fresh talent of the Northern Irish & Irish music scenes.

Mari & I were invited over to DJ, and we were so impressed by the eclectic lineup, featuring CHERYM, Aoife Wolf, Clara Tracey, Winnie Ama and Susi Pagel, as well as GIHE faves Fraulein, the formidable Sprints and rapper Don Chi.

Watching headliners Problem Patterns live for the first time really was a special moment for me too. Their set was full of jokes, joy and raging punk anthems, all directed at the patriarchal forces that attempt to crush minority communities who are asking for the respect they deserve. It was amazing to watch Alanah, Beth, Bev and Ciara tear up the stage together and firmly establish their status as one of the most important and powerful live bands of the moment.

Huge thank you to the staff at the Oh Yeah Centre, the attentive sound engineers and to the amazing Charlene Hegarty who invited us over to share in the joy of Women’s Work. From listening to traditional Irish music whilst having pints of Beamish and shots of Baby Guinness at The Sunflower pub, to the poignant black cab tour of the city with our guide John, our time in Belfast was beautiful. (KC)

Deer Shed Festival 2022

Prior to this year, it had been a while since I’d attended a festival. So, in 2022 I was desperate to find one that was as lovely as possible and suited my needs of being perhaps a little older than the average festival-goer, without missing out on any of the best new music.

Sadly, the last festival I went to in 2018, and my favourite ever festival experience – Indie Tracks – did not survive Covid, and so I was looking for a replacement; something equally as inclusive, chilled-out, family friendly and of course, hosting plenty of amazing female and non-binary bands and artists. And then I came across Deer Shed… Highlighting a real family-friendly focus, whilst hosting an incredible range of exciting new artists, the North Yorkshire based Deer Shed perfectly filled the festival-shaped-void I’d been feeling for the last few years.

Whilst day one saw highlights ranging from the majestic splendour of Nadine Shah and stirring allure of Billy Nomates, to the vibrant electro-punk of Straight Girl, day two treated us to an absolute dream of a line-up; while the exquisitely choreographed set and glistening stage presence of Self Esteem completely blew me away, CMAT and Denise Chaila exuded an immersive, joyous energy. And on day three, the swirling emotion of ME REX and colourful charisma of The Bug Club made for a glorious Sunday.

So, thank you Deer Shed – not only did you offer a fantastically dreamy line-up consisting of favourites old and new, but the warm, family-focused vibes and inclusive sense of unity that persisted throughout the weekend was a particularly heartwarming to experience.
(Mari Lane – Co-Founder & Managing Editor)

The Great Escape Festival

After missing out on festivals due to lockdowns, Covid cancellations and being struck down with illness myself, I was thrilled to return to Brighton for The Great Escape this year. It’s my favourite festival for discovering new music and it’s a running joke among the GIHE team that I always come back and tell everyone how “GREAT” the Great Escape is.

Our photographer Jon Mo & I had a blast running around town catching bands, including favourites Fraulein, ARXX, CMAT and Projector, as well as discovering new talents Brimheim, CIEL, Lido Pimienta and Softcult. You can read my full review of the weekend here. I’ll definitely be back for the 2023 edition. (KC)

Favourite Soho Radio Interviews & Website Features

Running a non-profit music platform alongside a full-time job can be stressful, but I never take for granted the access GIHE gives me to having direct conversations with artists who make my favourite music. It’s such a privilege to be able to discuss someone’s creative processes with them, and I’m humbled every time an artist takes the time to openly share their thoughts with me.

For our Soho Radio show, we had the wonderful Ailbhe Reddy come into the studio to chat about her music and fangirl over Avril Lavigne, and total heroes Big Joanie also spoke to us again about their superb second album, Back Home.

My website interviews with Brimheim, Gazelle Twin, Stefanie from Brutus and GIHE faves Nova Twins are all some of my favourite features to date, and the conversations we had all left a lasting impression on me this year.

GIHE Live: ARXX, Fräulein & Lusa Morena – The Shacklewell Arms

Although all the gigs we host are special to me, and all the amazing bands that play for us completely blow me away, having total faves ARXX return to headline for us in July was quite a stand out. Having hosted them a number of times over the years, and with the duo having had such a fantastic 2022 – with airplay on BBC 6Music and Radio 1, as well as support slots with the likes of The Subways and The Big Moon – it felt really special that they’d want to come and play for little old us again!

Treating us to an eclectic set, offering some of their more poppy recent releases alongside the grungey edge of some of their older songs (plus a surprise ‘Sk8r Boi’ cover with special guest Beth White), they filled The Shacklewell Arms with a euphoric sea of admiring fans – smiling and singing along in blissful unity. A truly memorable night – with not only ARXX, but two more of the most exciting bands around, Fräulein and Lusa Morena – filled with the best of vibes; I even found myself crying silly little tears (of joy and pride) as the epic headline set drew to a close. (ML)

GIHE Live: Charmpit, adults & Bitch Hunt – Sebright Arms

Another stand out gig I hosted this year came in the form of DIY legends Charmpit’s last ever London show, and it was an absolute honour to host this special occasion. With support from the scuzzy punk-pop of Bitch Hunt and indie ‘tweecore’ outfit adults, it was truly a wonderful night – with familiar faces from the community coming together to celebrate a band who have been such an inspiration and joy for so many.

With fond memories of having them play for us at The Finsbury back in 2017, Charmpit delivered a set of career-spanning classic DIY anthems, oozing all the sparkling charisma and vibrant energy we’ve come to know and love. And, despite the sadness at it being the last time we were together in a room dancing to Charmpit, it was a truly joyous occasion – celebrating all there is to love about this inspiring, adorable and innovative group whose uplifting bubblegum pop tunes have healed, helped and motivated so many. (ML)

Live: Slothrust & Calva Louise – Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NYC

Lucky enough to finally travel to New York for my honeymoon, two years later than planned, this April, I wanted to find some live music to see whilst out there. And, on seeing that Manchester based long-time faves Calva Louise were playing on the Friday after we arrived at well-known Brooklyn venue Elsewhere, I thought it would be a nice coincidence to get tickets for that. So, I investigated headliners Slothrust… And soon became a mega super fan.

Having listened to last year’s album Parallel Timeline (plus other singles such as ‘Horsehoe Crab’ and Crockpot’) on repeat for the month leading up to our trip, when the night came to see the two bands, I was extremely excited… and justifiably so. Following the fierce, sparkling energy of Calva Louise, I found myself completely captivated by Slothrust’s scuzzy, raw emotion and the utterly immersive, no-frills charisma of front-person Leah Wellbaum. It was just one of those special nights where you’re left speechless; feeling all the fuzzy, warm joy of having experienced the dreamiest of sets, knowing that you’ve found your new favourite band.

Needless to say, I continue to be a mega, super fan (now proud owner of a the beautiful Parallel Timeline on vinyl), and was lucky enough to catch Slothrust live again in London this summer – this time with other long-term loves, Berries. (ML)

Live: The Cure – Dublin Arena

The Cure played Dublin’s 3 Arena on Dec 1st and all my Christmases had come early! A gentle tone of anticipation was set for the upcoming Songs From a Lost World album with sounds of low thunder and a backdrop of a beautiful starry night. When the band appeared through the atmospherics, I was “happy as a girl”. We waited so long, and now they were here, launching into a new song ‘Alone’, which captivated the audience and carried us with them into an almost three hour set, where they filled with our emotions with songs.

The light show was spectacular, with each song having a stunning visual. A wonderful surprise was the chance to hear five new songs, which had been showcased earlier on the tour, but to hear them in person and see Robert Smith’s emotive delivery was very dear to me; an ultimate Cure experience. The night was finished by two encores (!) filled with all the favourite hits (everyone knows and loves at least one Cure song!) New and old fans left the venue with their hearts full, knowing that in a world where The Cure exists, we will never be lost. (Fi Ni Aicead – Writer) @gotnomoniker

PLAYLIST: November 2021

The GIHE team have unearthed more new music gems for you to listen to on our November Playlist! There’s an eclectic mix of indie anthems, gritty guitar tunes, alt-pop tracks & immersive electronic sounds. Take some time to scroll through our track choices below and make sure you hit play on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post.

Follow GIHE on Spotify to hear all of our previous playlists too.


Problem Patterns – ‘Terfs Out’
Headliners of our gig at The Shacklewell Arms this Friday 3rd December, Northern Irish punks Problem Patterns are total faves with the GIHE, and the immense ‘Terfs Out’ is a sentiment we fully endorse. As the song says, “LGB is nothing if not for the T / So show up with some real solidarity.” I cannot wait to host the band’s first ever London gig and witness their impassioned, frenzied energy live, along with support from pink suits and GUTTS. Get your tickets on DICE now. (Mari Lane)

Agender – ‘No Nostalgia’
The latest release from LA post-punk band Agender. This is the title track from their upcoming album which is set for release in February next year, and it has just the right serving of dysmorphic desire to get your heart beating faster. Enjoy. (Tash Walker)

Momma – ‘Medicine’
A melodic reflection on the intoxicating power of new romance, this single from New York City four-piece Momma is so, so good! Released via Polyvinyl Record Co. & Lucky Number, the track is an aural headrush centered around the passionate emotions that come with an all-consuming crush, full of hazy vocals and infectious guitar riffs. (Kate Crudgington)

VERO – ‘Beg!’
A seething guitar anthem fueled by the anger that’s left behind by a flawed relationship, ‘Beg!’ is the debut single from Stockholm-based trio VERO. Released via PNKSLM and one half of an upcoming 7″ single that’s set for release on 14th January, the track is saturated with brooding bass lines, swirling riffs and stinging vocals. I LOVE it and can’t wait to hear more from the trio next year. (KC)

The Golden Age of TV – ‘What I’ve Been Through’
Leeds art-rockers The Golden Age of TV have shared this loud and vitally important track which, as vocalist Bea Fletcher explains, is “a statement, of sorts, from the perspective of someone who’s experienced sexual violence.” Permeated by raging riffs and Fletcher’s powerful vocals, the track simply asks “for nothing more than to be heard and believed.” (KC)

Sister Ghost – ‘Buried Alive’ 
Derry based duo Shannon Delores O’Neill and Maeve Mulholland – aka Sister Ghost – have just released their brilliantly titled new EP Stay Spooky. Taken from the EP, latest single ‘Buried Alive’ oozes their distinctive swirling, gritty power as soaring impassioned vocals and catchy hooks rage with a seething energy. A perfect slice of sparkling rock ‘n’ roll, exuding a much-needed empowering raucous spirit. Read our recent interview with Shannon here. (ML)

Proper. – ‘Red, White & Blue’
I’m new to Brooklyn punks Proper. but I’m a big fan of this track, which is the first taste of the sound of the band’s upcoming album set for release in 2022. Vocalist & guitarist Erik Garlington explains the context of ‘Red, White, & Blue’ further: “A lot of millennials in my life share the sentiment that being American feels like being in an abusive relationship that you can’t find the courage to leave. I knew I wanted to focus on looking at what makes this country what it is, and how hopeless I feel to stop it.” (KC)

Dutch Mustard – ‘What The People Want’
“‘What The People Want’ is about playing the system, a realisation that you can do anything, give the people what they want, and still stay truthful” explains Dutch Mustard, aka Sarah-Jayne Riedel, about her latest single. Full of lush vocals and rolling rhythms, the track is an infectious slice of alt-rock, lifted from her upcoming EP which is set for release early next year. (KC)

JASMYN – ‘Find The Light’
JASMYN – aka Jasmyn Burke former frontwoman of Weaves – has signed to ANTI- and embarked on her new solo project and released this brilliant single. “This song was loosely written during the Fall of 2020,” she explains. “The world was feeling pretty heavy, and I felt myself wanting to write music that created a mood of happiness and space to grow. It feels like we’re living in this sort of in-between space, where life is altering. I wanted to explore finding comfort and hopefulness through uncomfortable change.” JASMYN achieves this via her relatable lyrics, distinctive riffs and charged beats. (KC)

LibraLibra – ‘Candy Mountain’ (ML)
The latest single from total heroes LibraLibra, ‘Candy Mountain’ showcases their knack for creating immense, swirling soundscapes, propelled by the magnificent, angst-driven power and gritty splendour of front woman Beth Cannon’s impassioned vocals. Another wonderfully genre-defying cacophony from the band. Kate and I were lucky enough to catch LibraLibra live at their single launch the other week – they really are one of the most exciting bands to see; fizzing with a captivating charisma and riotous energy. (ML)

The Klittens – ‘Canned Air’
The first single to be taken from Amsterdam’s The Klittens’ debut EP, ‘Canned Air‘ captures the band’s self-described air of “happy songs and sad sentiments” perfectly. Propelled by shimmering hooks and a raw, scuzzy energy, it builds with a fizzing whirr to an impassioned climax, before winding back down with luscious vocal harmonies, oozing a gentle, stirring emotion. I can’t wait to hear more from this Dutch band; new ones to watch for sure! (ML)

Brimheim – ‘Hey Amanda’
I can’t get enough of this track from Danish musician Brimheim. Taken from her upcoming and excellently titled album, can’t hate myself into a different shape, which is set for release on 28th January, ‘Hey Amanda’ is a celebration of platonic love and an ode her best friend, brimming with nostalgic lyrics, warm guitar sounds and tender vocals. There’s a very cool accompanying video that features members of Baby In Vain too. (KC)

Kills Birds – ‘Married’
It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to mention The Great Escape, but LA punks Kills Birds were recently announced as one of the First Fifty artists who will be performing at the Brighton-based festival in 2022! I’m hoping to be back by the seaside screaming about how much I love new music then. (KC)

O Hell – ‘Down’
After years spent touring and recording music in alternative bands around the UK, Projector’s Lucy Sheehan is venturing into fresh sonic territory under their new moniker O Hell. Influenced by a love of eclectic, brooding soundscapes and aspirations for pure self-autonomy, their debut single ‘Down’ is an “exercise in refusing compromise” brimming with Sheehan’s distinctive vocals and jagged electronics. (KC)

Circe – ‘Mess With Your Head’
I’m a moth to a flame when it comes to Circe’s sultry pop creations. Co-produced by Emre Turkmen (formerly Years & Years), this new track is a crushed-heart-banger, a dazzling blend of distinctive vocals, Kate Bush inspired beats and jagged electronics. There’s even a Shakespeare inspired lyric worked into it too – “You gave me your heart / and I gave you a pound of flesh.” (KC)

Dyan Valdes – ‘Fade Away’ (ML)
Having been involved in the music industry for twenty years, Berlin-based Cuban-American artist Dyan Valdés has played in esteemed bands such as The Blood Arm and Die Sterne, and has now released her first solo material. Taken from her upcoming debut solo album, ‘Fade Away’ offers an immersive shimmering soundscape; propelled by layers of synth and driving beats alongside Valdés’ luscious vocals, it’s a poignant, twinkling message of hope at a time when things can feel hopeless. Read our recent interview with Dyan here. (ML)

Flowerkid – ‘I Met The Devil At 4 Years Old’
This track is taken from Sydney-based Flowerkid’s much-anticipated debut EP, Everyone Has A Breaking Point. The EP covers many personal issues and topics from gender dysphoria, mental health and misogyny – seeking true self-expression beyond ever-restricting heteronormative constraints. Cannot argue with that. It’s also a tuneee. (TW)

BISHI – ‘Let My Country Awake’ (The Anchoress Remix)
Multi-instrumentalist, producer and GIHE fave BISHI has shared a collection of remixes for the title track of her recent album Let My Country Awake, and this version by The Anchoress is my favourite. Check out Samantha Togni and Hannah Holland’s remixes of the track too. (KC)

Shamir – ‘Cisgender’
I’m just totally addicted to this song right now. I’ve been a fan of Shamir for years and really admire how they’re constantly developing their sound and not shying away from being their true self. I just think this single ‘Cisgender’ is a beautiful and moving reflection on their non binary identity. I don’t think anything I say about this track will do Shamir justice, so I’ll leave you with the lyrics: “I’m not cisgender / I’m not binary trans / I don’t wanna be a girl / I don’t wanna be a man / I’m just existing on this god forsaken land.” Solidarity and love to you Shamir, always. (ML)

Baauer, Tirzah – ‘Way From Me’
I love Tirzah, there is no denying it. I got to see her perform at the Oval Space a couple of weeks ago, fully immersing myself in their wonderful, mesmerising sounds as part of Pitchfork Festival. She didn’t play this track on the night but it’s a recent collab I’ve come across and I’m vibing it. (TW)

fanclubwallet – ‘That I Won’t Do’
Ottawa-based artist fanclubwallet aka Hannah Judge has shared this wonderful alt-pop tune about recovering and re-emerging back into the world again, a relatable sentiment in these unusual times. “When I wrote this song, I was recovering from a year long illness and re-entering into the socializing world (like so many others post pandemic),” Hannah explains. “The song is about dealing with a new relationship/friendship where you aren’t sure whether the person is good for you or not, and you’re not feeling like yourself. It’s about trying to break bad habits while not wanting to break them at all.” (KC)

Prima Queen – ‘Chew Your Cheeks’
Released via Nice Swan Recordings and produced by The Big Moon, this fab single from London-based duo Prima Queen – aka best friends Louise Macphail and Kristin McFadden – explores the swirl of emotions that come when you have an unhealthy infatuation with someone unobtainable. The pair explore their ailing fascination via soft vocals and sultry guitar twangs, giving the track its buoyant, relatable charm. (KC)

Why Bonnie – ‘Galveston’
The latest single from the Texas quintet, ‘Galveston’ is a much-needed slice of sunshine for these chilly, dark days. Oozing a heartfelt twinkling grace and warming, shimmering emotion, it offers a wistful, nostalgic reflection – harking back to memories of childhood visits to the island city of Galveston. Flowing with lilting melodies alongside the soothing allure of Blair Howerton’s vocals, it’s an irresistibly uplifting slice of sparkling indie-pop. (ML)

Aisha Badru – ‘Rooted’
The latest single from Aisha Badru, ‘Rooted’ offers a comforting, dreamy warmth. Flowing with a shimmering grace, a sweeping majestic splendour ripples throughout this beautifully stirring ballad as its poignant lyricism swirls throughout. A simply exquisite, evocative creation that’ll soothe the ears with its resplendent, uplifting allure. The Way Back Home, the upcoming EP from Aisha Badru, is set for release on 3rd December. (ML)

Jackie Ward – ‘Chlorine’
West London-based non-binary artist Jackie Ward makes music inspired by an eclectic range of influences, including Car Seat Headrest to Frank Ocean to Xiu Xiu. This track ‘Chlorine’ is full of their soft vocals and dreamy guitar sounds, exploring their own identity and experience of coming out. Jackie is due to release their debut album later this year. (KC)

KIN – ‘The Runaways’
Consisting of Grace, Adam and Ritu, GIHE faves KIN have previously played live for us and continue to charm our ears with their glistening alt-pop. Reflecting on the mixed feelings of leaving a settled life and starting afresh somewhere new, ‘The Runaways’ showcases the distinctive celestial allure of Grace’s vocals alongside chiming hooks and a shimmering energy. ‘The Runaways’ is accompanied by a really beautiful self-directed video which you can watch here. (ML)

MIRI – ‘Trends’
East London artist and friend of GIHE MIRI has previously charmed our ears with poignant offerings such as ‘Electric Vibes’ and has now shared a powerful new single. A reflection on coming together and uniting in the face of adversity, using our imagination and creativity to fight political corruption, ‘Trends’ is propelled by MIRI’s distinctive soulful vocals that flow with a raw, gritty energy and catchy, empowering spirit. Prior to its release on mainstream platforms, ‘Trends’ was shared exclusively on the pay-as-you-go platform Sonstream. MIRI has been outspoken in her support for the “fair play” platform, which offers independent artists an ethical alternative to the miniscule royalties as little as £0.007 or £0.0028 per stream offered by platforms like Tidal and Spotify. (ML)

Belot – ‘Harmless Fun’
This track is bursting full of pop-bopping beats and maybe even a cowbell… what more could you want to get your toes tapping in those chilly winter evenings? (TW)