Get In Her Ears w/ The Menstrual Cramps

Mari & Kate were in the studio this week playing a fresh batch of new music from the likes of LIINES, Dott, LIERS, Seraphina, Amaroun, Witch Fever & Partner.

They were joined by Riot Grrrls The Menstrual Cramps who talked about their upcoming second album, and what inspired them to start making their music.

Listen back to the show here:

Track Of The Day: The Menstrual Cramps – ‘The Smash’

Following the seething power of their debut album We’re Not Ovaryacting (what a name!), which earned itself the title of Loud Women’s ‘Hercury Prize’ this year, DIY punks The Menstrual Cramps are back with another fantastically riotous offering.

‘The Smash’ combines a fist-clenching ferocity with racing catchy hooks and a tongue in cheek wit, creating a truly infectious punk-rock anthem that makes for simply essential listening. As front woman Emilia Elfrida chants “Kick the Tories out the door… we want a revolution!”, The Menstrual Cramps give a welcome voice to the anger we’re all feeling about the way society’s headed.

Combining activism with musical prowess, The Menstrual Cramps provide a captivating, empowering force that we all need now more than ever.

Mari Lane