ALBUM: NADINE – ‘oh my’

NADINE is a new project from Minneapolis led by Nadia Hulett (from New York collective Phantom Posse), with members of Ava Luna, Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader. Following the success of tracks ‘Ultra Pink’, and ‘Not My Kinda Movie’ (previous Tracks Of The Day here at GIHE), they are now set to release their debut album.

With a dream-like, jazzy sound, combining Nadia’s seductive voice with exploratory instrumentation, oh my sounds effortlessly whole.

Things get off to a groove-based, slightly psychedelic start, with Nadia’s thoughtful lyrics easing our way, but allowing us to form our own conclusions. Some of the topics explored are the meaning  of desire through social media connection (Not My Kinda Movie’ – “What seeks you out and makes you feel?”), whilst others focus on the changing relationship to church-based spirituality (‘That Neon Sign – “That old way gets me down” leading into ‘Pews’, which is unafraid and life-affirming – “We could go up but take the easy way out.”)

Throughout, the tempo is upbeat, yet reflective. Some sublimely sensual moments occur on the beautifully languorous ‘Plinth’ and ‘Little Self in the Garden’ – a grace-filled lullaby drifting along to violin and piano. The final tracks close the album by addressing a relationship and finding freedom; ‘Can’t be Helped’ is acoustic, almost country/pop, whilst ‘Peace in the Valley’ offers hope – “I love my weight on the wind, a lesson I would learn.”

Overall, this album allows the listener to enjoy its rich musicality and reflect on its thought-provoking content, as it leaves us eagerly anticipating more.

 oh my, the debut album from NADINE, is out 2nd February via Father/Daughter and Memphis Industries. Pre-order here.

Fi Ni Aicead


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