WATCH: Valeska Rautenberg – ‘Midnight Children’

Born in East Berlin to artistic parents (Actor Klaus-Peter Thiele & Painter Rosemarie Rautenberg) independent musician Valeska Rautenberg was destined to tread a creative path.

She pursued acting roles from a young age, but it became clear as a teenager that music was her true passion. After studying at Universities and pursuing musical collaborations, she began creating her own music; and now Valeska has shared her new single, ‘Midnight Children’.

Released on 5th March, it’s the first single to be shared from her upcoming EP, Aerial Minds. Speaking about ‘Midnight Children’, Valeska said: “It’s a song for all the night addicts and over-thinkers, the brooders, introverts, and the melancholy lovers. It’s for the sensitive ones, moon howlers, the seekers and believers. This is both for the beauty and the ugliness we all carry inside. Cherish it!”

Inspired by the elements and the emotions that coincide with them, we’re excited to hear Valeska’s Aerial Minds EP, and more of her future releases. Watch the video for ‘Midnight Children’ below, and follow Valeska on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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