Track Of The Day: Ex-Vöid – ‘Boyfriend’

Star-signs realign for ex-members of Joanna Gruesome McArdle & Williams, as they embark on their new venture under the banner of Ex-Vöid. They’ve shared their first single ‘Boyfriend’, which is a mesh of melodic angst and guitar, explicitly asserting single autonomy.

Following the split of the JG, McArdle (a Gemini) began selling occult & astrological speculations to various lifestyle magazines, while Williams (an Aquarius) earned money playing electric guitar in the “notoriously pathetic” punk-rock group The Snivellers.

After a chance meeting at a contemporary dance class, McArdle and Williams began to discuss working together again. Laurie Foster (a Cancer) and Kester Davies (a Pisces) were recruited as a ‘rhythm section’ and Jonny Coddington (a Leo) later joined on guitar.

Ex-Vöid have managed to quickly organise a three track record (largely due to Mercury shifting into retrograde), which they’ve released through Don Giovanni Records as a digital/cassette single. Listen to ‘Boyfriend’ below, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Jender Anomie

Kate Crudgington

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