LISTEN: Arc Iris – ‘$GNMS’

Ahead of the release of their third album Icon of Ego on October 12th, Providence’s Arc Iris have shared their new single ‘$GNMS’. The band have carefully crafted analog sounds and seamless vocals to create a complete reinterpretation of ‘Money Gnomes’ – a track taken from their debut self-titled album.

Originally an eight-piece rock orchestra, Arc Iris have overcome industry adversity and line-up changes to become the band they are today. Comprised of lead vocalist Jocie Adams, keyboardist and sample artist Zach Tenorio-Miller, and drummer Ray Belli; Arc Iris create dynamic rhythms and catchy melodies that captivate and soothe their ears of their listeners.

Their third album, Icon of Ego interrogates the notions of celebrity, fame, and idol worship, which the band explore through both their music and their theatrical performance style. Displaying an array of costumes, flare, and light rigs, enhanced by choreographed dance moves, Arc Iris live performances are always a spectacle.

Listen to ‘$GNMS’ below and follow Arc Iris on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order Arc Iris’ Icon of Ego here.

Kate Crudgington

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