WATCH: Noga Erez – ‘Cash Out’ (feat. SAMMUS)

Noga Erez has shared a set of brutal but fascinating new visuals to accompany her latest single ‘Cash Out’. Co-starring Philadelphia rapper SAMMUS, the video was directed by Hen Makhluf and conceived by Erez and her collaborator Ori Rousso.

The visuals tell the story of a society without men, where women are left to fend for themselves, pitting against each other in punishing street-fights. It brings the track’s context about the contradicting pressures piled on women through consumerist society to life, with stunning clarity.

Speaking about the new video, Erez explains: “We tell a story about a society of women left in a world without men. Specifically, focusing on a group who arrange street fighting meet-ups – fights for the mere joy and rush of adrenaline. In that female-only world we imagine the behaviour of the women and how much of the societal female characteristics remain and what’s lost.”

“The [song’s] intention is to list out things that can make you a successful woman, in the most twisted, chauvinistic way. What society’s version is contradicts itself (eat breakfast, not too much), and is derived from the image of well-being and wealth that is presented to us alongside commercials about food, food porn etc. It all sums up a person feeling that their mind is exploding from consuming everything that we are fed by society and advertising companies.”

Alongside SAMMUS’ blistering raps – “I can handle many scandals like I am the Pope, not the sistine’s / What I can’t do is dismantle every single trope in our histories.” – Erez’s message is more powerful ad relevant than ever. Check out the video for ‘Cash Out’ below and follow Noga Erez on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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