VIDEO PREMIERE: Corina Corina – ‘Toothbrush’

Alt-r&b singer Corina Corina knows how painful a breakup can be, but in her new video for ‘Toothbrush’ she’s managed to transform the pain in to a wonderfully choreographed set of dance motifs. The song is an anthem that “raises a middle finger to an ex with no apologies, no shame, and not an ounce of victimhood” – something we can definitely get behind.

Corina Corina has been working on the ‘Toothbrush’ video since 2016, when she initially scrapped the first incarnation of the video, and start over when she met Brooklyn-based modern dance choreographer Nicole Assanti (Nikki and the Noise Dance Company). Nicole understood her vision, and  together the pair styled and produced the visuals, which were co-directed by Zach Surprenant (Mighty Productive Media). The result is a fierce and poetic piece of modern dance sound-tracked by an equally as fierce new track.

Watch the video for ‘Toothbrush’ below and follow Corina Corina on Facebook for more updates.

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