Track Of The Day: Vulpynes – ‘2 Cents’

Already cementing themselves as firm favourites here at GIHE with previous singles ‘Sublingual’, ‘Silica’ and ‘Terry Said’, Dublin duo Vulpynes are back with an immense new track.

Propelled by the gritty, impassioned vocals of guitarist Maeve, ‘2 Cents’ rages with a seething energy and sublime raw power as scuzzy punk-fuelled riffs are blasted out alongside intense pummelling beats. Reminiscent of the riotous force of the likes of L7 or The Distillers, it’s another storming, empowering offering from Vulpynes, showcasing all there is to love about this duo.

Of the track, the band explain: “It’s a celebration of being liberated from anyone else’s opinion. There are so many people who feel educated on what you should be doing with your life, who will judge you by your age, sexuality, appearance, the music you play, your gender. This song is a triumphant two fingers to anyone who feels obliged to give you their opinion on where you are at in life. It’s about freeing yourself from expectations and how cathartic that feels.”

Watch the eerie new video for ‘2 Cents’ (directed by Vinnie Flynn) here:

Stream ‘2 Cents’ on Spotify now.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit:  Noisiu J Manley

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