LISTEN: Grace Lightman – ‘Zero Impact’

A careful yet catchy electronic curation; London-based electronic pop artist Grace Lightman explores what it’s like to have ‘Zero Impact’ on her new single, out now on Handsome Dad Records.

Describing her own sound as “one part ABBA, two parts Twin Peaks” through her gentle vocals and mixture of poppy and gritty synth textures, Lightman has created an electronic pop gem. She collaborated on the new single with longtime mentor and co-writer, Patrick J Pearson as well as Ben Baptie (previously mixed & engineered; Moses Sumney, Young Fathers, Puma Blue, Lady Gaga) who produced the single.

Speaking about ‘Zero Impact’, Lightman explains: “[the song] is about trying to exist in the world without disturbing those around you, almost like an apparition. Treading on eggshells while essentially trying to fit seamlessly into humanity. Just thought I would present that musically in a more attention seeking way.”

We’re loving Lightman’s musical juxtapositions and look forward to more details of her debut album in the coming months. Listen to ‘Zero Impact’ below and follow Grace Lightman on Facebook for more updates.

Grace Lightman will play Bluedot festival Jodrell bank, Cheshire on Friday 19th July.

Kate Crudgington

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