EP: Sive – ‘Sive’

Sive (Sadbh O’Sullivan) is an Irish songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, and has just released her eponymous new EP featuring the eclectic sounds of alternative folk/trad with jazz percussion, all seamed together by her captivating voice. The EP is about navigating self-discovery in a world that can be noisy and overwhelming. It challenges the listener to stop, listen and open themselves up to what can be learned by doing so.

Dream-folk opener ‘Quietly’ starts off with ukulele accompanying an ethereal voice – “hail to the man that lingers on..stares into the noise.. and listens for the silence”, leading into the vocal layering of the chorus where we “dance the language of our bones.”

‘Holding’ is about someone unravelling, built around the sounds of kalimba and chimes, creating a sound that suggests fragility, but gains strength as the song progresses to a faster rhythm and a swirling pastoral aura. This theme carries on into the relatable ‘Do It All The Time’ with its catchy chorus and atmospherics, regarding lying about one’s true mental state – “I don’t know why I do it all the time… it’s a complex work of art.” 

Slipping back to dream-folk with ‘Yukki Onna’, a haunting song about a Japanese mythical figure, and you are carried along by Sive’s captivating voice. The EP ends with ‘Tenlach’ where the beautiful Irish language is featured; a soothing lullaby, reflecting a connection with nature, tradition and roots. The perfect ending to the collection.   

Overall, the EP delivers a balanced introspection; the mood is uplifting and reverential, filled with delightful and unexpected musical turns. I was held throughout by Sive’s emotive and enveloping voice, warming my heart, and undoubtedly yours too when you’re lucky enough to listen to this poignant collection.

Sive is out on 2nd May via Veta Records.

Fi Ni Aicead

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