WATCH: YALI – ‘Why Do Flowers Mean Love?’

YALI is a 24 year old singer-songwriter, pianist and producer from Israel. Her experimental style combines influences from Classical music, Jazz, and Electro-pop.

Latest single ‘Why Do Flowers Mean Love?’ constructs and deconstructs the artist’s portrait; an audio-driven collage of effects, glitches, artifacts and distortions reflect on the YALI’s background story and feelings, while writing and recording the track. Of the track, YALI explains:

“The glitch itself is the effect nature brings back to the digital perfection, forcing small errors and imperfections on all streams of data around us. Its complete randomness and chaotic action makes each glitch unique when created and embeds within the final visual content we consume so regularly everywhere around us. Making the final stage of delivery to spectators “damaged” with no way to control or avoid it.”

Watch the new video for ‘Why Do Flowers Mean Love?’ here:

You can find out more about YALI through  Facebook and Instagram.

Music & Production by Yali Blankstein. Mix by Roy Avital. Add. production by Stav Tell. Mastering by Jordan Schultz. Video Production by Phenomena Labs. Video Director Tom Uziel. Video Art by Ronen Tanchum. Makeup by Denise Ayelen Kohon. Thanks to: Ilya Marcus, Amit Einy, Tomer Rousso, Oded Granot, Shuz.


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