EP: Timid Deer – ‘Melodies For The Nocturnal, Pt. 1’

Salisbury band Timid Deer consist of Naomi Henstridge, Tim Milne, Tom Laws, Matt Jackson and Jason Allen, and their new EP, Melodies for the Nocturnal Pt.1, sees an expansion in sound from acoustic folk to a more melancholy indie. 

Opening track No Country’ sets the tone for what is a gently melodic, minimally atmospheric, and ethereal EP. The piano intro, bass notes, and Naomi’s gentle sweeping voice lead into a haunting love song – “Take me to the river..we can drown together with wild flowers all around”. The synths and guitar solo add to the atmosphere, without being invasive.

‘Sinner’s Heart’ continues the same elemental themes, with a slightly jazzy feel and dreamy atmospherics coming to the fore, whilst conjuring the image of a spurned lover fighting back. Things take a darker turn with the creeping aura of ‘The Tide’ with its ominous piano intro, with flowing waves getting deeper, washing the lover away; “You my lover, will pay the price.”

Lead track ‘The Shallows’ continues the story – “I’ll be waiting in the shallows… we can wash away our fire… our sorrow” – set to a slow rock mix with layered vocals, whilst final track ‘Sleepless’ is a dreamlike love song oozing soaring angelic vocals and a spine-tingling beauty. 

The band intends to write and record a follow-up EP later this year, and we can’t wait to hear what they create next. If, like me, you are a bit of a Goth at heart, Timid Deer come highly recommended.


Melodies for the Nocturnal Pt. 1 is out now. 

Fi Ni Aicead

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