LISTEN: People Club – ‘Perfume’

Soulful vocals, snaking bass lines and a melancholy premise mesh beautifully together on ‘Perfume’, the latest single from Berlin-based indie soul group People Club. It’s the first single the band have shared from their new EP, Kil Scott, which is set for release on 15th November.

Formed of Sarah Martin (lead vocals), Ray Sonder (bass, backing vocals), Saxon Gable (guitar, backing vocals), Pete Costello (keyboards, backing vocals) & Drew Deal (drums), the band formed in 2018 after they all moved to Berlin in late 2017 from their respective countries (Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand).

Since then, they’ve been working together to create their new EP, the title of which – Kil Scott – refers to a fictional character who is a benchmark for toxic masculinity. The band use their music to dismantle his unsavory traits, and ‘Perfume’ hints at the way toxic masculinity can destroy romantic relationships.

The band explain the premise of ‘Perfume’ further: “The initial idea for this song was brought in by our guitarist Saxon, who, like so many, struggled to cope with the divorce of his parents during his childhood. ‘Perfume’ is a deeply personal contemplation of these experiences, told from the perspective of an anguished lover seeking affection from her partner. Despite her efforts, she receives no love but remains dedicated, but heartbroken forever.”

We’re intoxicated by People Club’s blend of the sad and the soulful. Listen to ‘Perfume’ below and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

People Club Live Dates 2019
4th October – Workmans Club, DUBLIN
21st November – Club Acud, BERLIN
28th November – The Islington, LONDON

Kate Crudgington

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