LISTEN: GRAE – ‘Woman’s World’

Turning frustration in to fighting spirit: Toronto’s GRAE has shared her new single ‘Woman’s World’. The track is accompanied by a self-directed set of visuals that GRAE worked on with collaborator and friend, Lizzie O’Donnell.

Though GRAE’s vocals are soft, her defiant lyrics reflect the despair she feels at the demoralizing street harassment women receive whilst trying to go about their ordinary lives. Her mix of catchy electronics and marching beats provide a strong soundscape to protest to.

Speaking about the track, GRAE explains:
“’Woman’s World’ was written from a place of disappointment and anger after a night out with my best friend. After having experienced my first real encounter with street harassment. It’s infuriating that women continue to get harassed, yelled at, even grabbed and touched by men in public places. What’s even more upsetting is how often it happens and how it’s almost deemed as this regular thing that we need to just “deal with” as women. It’s a topic that upsets me and one that needs to be talked about more. I have many friends who have experienced sexual harassment, and I myself have too. After having heard stories from many who are close to me, and then having experienced it myself, it was clear that I needed to say something.

Fueled by her desire to empower women and right the wrongs she’s experienced, ‘Woman’s World’ is a promising start from this exciting new musician. Watch the video for the single below, and follow GRAE on Facebook for more updates.

Photo credit: Lizzie O’Donnell

Kate Crudgington

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