EP: Stars and Rabbit – ‘Rainbow Aisle’

Stars and Rabbit will take you places. The perfect antidote to our stressful, fast-moving world, the duo, lda Suryani and guitarist Didit Saad offer lush, dreamy escapism on their new album, Rainbow Aisle. The album’s kitsch, happy tunes and sweet, sweet melodies transport you to a psychedelic world of rainbows, unicorns and sparkly booze. It’s a world of pure joy that makes the every day seem amazing.

Quirky opener ‘Little Mischievous’ draws you in with its crunchy, Foo Fighters-esque guitars. An ode to shaking off the shackles of good behaviour, the song criss-crosses between rock ‘n’ roll and slow, languishing dream-pop. 

Meanwhile standout ‘Any Day In The Park’ is an irresistible slice of ’60s-style pop. Saad’s retro guitars set the tone for Suryani’s distinctive vocals, which celebrate the simple pleasure of a day outdoors. “There is so much heart at the park,” she sings, bathed in beautiful, happy harmonies.

‘Illusory Utopia’ feels similarly retro. A slow, jazzy dream of a song, it’s boosted by sugar-coated keyboards and “ba-ba-ba” backing vocals that make you shimmy in your seat, longing for sunny days and super-strong cocktails.

‘I Don’t Wish To Carry You Anymore’ is more melancholic, but no less beautiful. A torch song reflecting on a break-up, its simple, stripped back guitars place Suryani’s beautiful vocal front and centre. And then there’s a proper ‘wave your lighter in the air’ moment, as she sings, “Oh, Dear, I miss you too…”, boosted by swooning backing vocals. It’s epic and beautiful.

Already building a following in their native Indonesia, Stars and Rabbit hope to make an impact internationally with this record. And they’ve certainly made one on me. Rainbow Aisle is going to soundtrack my summer.

Rainbow Aisle is out now on Green Island Music.

Vic Conway

Photo Credit: Robby Suharlim

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