Rookes Launches New YouTube Series #PopNotPop

Pop music is one of life’s greatest wonders — so why does it stress us out so much? That’s one of the questions singer-songwriter and GIHE fave Rookes is trying to answer in #popnotpop, a new YouTube series that explores her volatile and complex relationship with pop music.

And there’s good news if one of your hang-ups on pop is its reliance on smoke and mirrors, because Pop Not Pop also chronicles the creation of Rookes’ debut album, a no-holds-barred and winningly transparent move that’ll allow fans a glimpse of the creative process. Rookes explains: “As well as seeing me reveal my secrets as a pop artist who doesn’t in fact always love pop music, you’ll be able to watch me make a pop record in real time.”

The honesty of #popnotpop will come as no surprise to anyone who’s heard Rookes’ EPs Liminal and The Game And The River, which won fans with their lyrical directness and fearless exploration of queer-female identity. In Episode One, Rookes ponders her past relationship with pop, from initial engagement as a kid, through an off-and-on relationship through her teens, then into adult life and the realisation that for all her resistance over the years, she’s become a ‘pop’ artist herself. And a rather good one, as it turns out.

And, what better time to have a new bit of insightful and fun-filled music-related YouTube content… ?!

Check out all the #PopNotPop episodes so far below:

And if, like us, you’re a big fan of Rookes’ own shimmering alt-pop sounds, check out her recent poignant video for single ‘Liminal’ below and listen to the EP of the same name on all online platforms now.

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