Re-Covered: Sally Anne’s Illustrated Favourite Albums

If you’re anything like us, throughout Lockdown you may have been seeking refuge in some of your favourite records, perhaps rediscovering some old classics along the way. So, for this new feature, illustrator Sally-Anne Hickman re-imagines her favourite ten albums of all time by painting their covers in her own unique style, using watercolours.

Check out the third of Sally-Anne’s choices below, and keep your eyes peeled for the rest over the next few weeks… 

Mazzy Star – Among My Swan
The third album from the ambient folk duo Hope Sandoval and David Roback left behind their previous psychedelic shoegaze sound. What remains is the melancholy within the haunting vocals woven with fuzzy guitars and laid back percussion. Mazzy Star create an effortlessly rich atmosphere with combinations of church organ drones and languid harmonica riffs. This album is the soundtrack to sad lullabies and faded dreams.

Sally-Anne Hickman

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