Track Of The Day: Vulpynes – ‘Sister’

Following last year’s EP Dye Me Red, and having shared a stage with the likes of Sleaford Mods, Dublin’s Molly and Kaz – aka Vulpynes – are now back to blast into our ears with a gritty new single.

Propelled by Molly’s raw, impassioned vocals, ‘Sister’ is a powerful ode to ‘pseudo sisterhood’. Driven by swirling, reverb-strewn hooks, pounding primal beats and a raging energy, it oozes an immense sense of urgency amid a seething eerie underlying force. A fantastically fierce, empowered slice of ferocious rock magnificence from the Dublin duo.

Listen to ‘Sister’ here:

Vulpynes had been halfway through recording their debut album when Covid19 struck, and so due to travel restrictions and Ireland being in complete disarray, they were sadly unable to finish it. After much consideration, they have decided to release the first half of the album as a single sided limited edition 12″. The EP, Us Against Them, will be released via F.O.A.D/Advance Records.

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