LISTEN: Evil House Party – ‘Wicked’

An intoxicating blend of hazy vocals and sultry synth sequences, Evil House Party have shared their debut single ‘Wicked’. Released via Third Coming, the track smoulders with the intensity of a hot summer night fuelled by Bonnie & Clyde-esque musings.

Formed of Emma Acs & Jacob Formann (Communions, Mini Esco), the duo started writing together after playing a string of shows with First Hate in the summer of 2019. Their sound has been described as both eurodance and rock and roll, and single ‘Wicked’ falls somewhere between the two. It’s “a modern murderous ballad, fleshed out in a bittersweet revenge pop anthem” that seduces listeners with its yearning vocals and heady beats.

Listen to ‘Wicked’ and find out more about Evil House Party via Third Comings here.


Kate Crudgington

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