Track Of The Day: Evil House Party – ‘Head Held High’

A captivating synth-pop tune that laments the struggle of trying to survive in the real world whilst also trying to fulfil your dreams, Copenhagen-based duo Evil House Party have shared their latest single ‘Head Held High’. Taken from their debut EP Grand Theft Audio, which is set for release on 24th September via Third Coming Records, the track is a heady, bittersweet reflection on personal uncertainty.

“I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of life passing them by,” vocalist Emma Acs explains, “the song is a state of mind really. Like the disappointment of life not keeping up with the pace of their dreams.” Written during a time when both Emma and fellow band mate Jacob Formann were broke, moving around and feeling restless, ‘Head Held High’ is designed to resurrect feelings of confidence when you’re at an all time low.

Following on from their debut single ‘Wicked‘, ‘Head Held High’ smoulders with the duo’s trademark restlessness. Described as “a fugitive road journey, a febrile whirlwind of moods, incandescent like a city on fire,” their debut EP Grand Theft Audio looks set to be just as captivating.

Listen to ‘Head Held High’ below.


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Photo Credit: Frederikke-Agnete Svarre

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