EP: Tina Boonstra – ‘City Of Doubt’

London-based singer-songwriter Tina Boonstra has just released her latest EP City of Doubt, featuring six powerful alt-pop songs. As a songwriter from a missionary family, Tina has honed her craft, bringing her songs to a wider audience, offering depth and emotional intensity; all of which can be heard in this new EP.

EP opener ‘Out of My Depth’ is a rage against the universe, with a stop-start rhythm, and a contrasting chorus. Similarly, title track ‘City of Doubt’ expresses the alienation of the daily grind using an industrial synth sound, but this time there is light and a feeling of rising above (“we’ll make it through’’).

The slower songs on the EP provide a balance, offering the listener a chance to reflect. ‘What is the Rush?’ reassures us that “this life is not a straight line… Beauty you’ll find as you go.” The lyrically beautiful ‘I Love you like Sunshine in Bangor’ has a dreamlike, cinematic quality, offering a “love that is honest in every way” as the sound of the organ drifts into the distance. ‘More Than Your Head’ and ‘Talk it Over’ are infectious, upbeat sing-alongs, which explore the power of community and authentic friendship. 

Overall, the themes of the EP come full-circle, from starting alone and in doubt, and finishing with being a part of a supportive community. It has a positive message, and we all need that, now more than ever. A collection of songs that will leave you seeking out more.

City Of Doubt is out now.

Fi Ni Aicead

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