LISTEN: Magick Mountain – ‘Cherokee’

A fuzzy, psych-tinged cacophony of buzzing basslines and rumbling guitar riffs, Leeds-based trio Magick Mountain have shared their latest single ‘Cherokee’. Taken from their debut album Weird Feelings, which is set for release on 23rd October, the track is a riotous reference to the wisdom of indigenous belief systems.

“We wrote ‘Cherokee’ when there was a Strawberry Moon high in the sky,” the band explain. “Inspired by ancient rituals, we read into the Native American Cherokee tribe and their deep connection to nature, lunar cycles and crop growing. In the West, there is a tendency to believe that ‘we know best’, colonising and destroying people and their traditions in awful ways. We desperately need to respect native traditions and beliefs, so with this song we hint at learning and letting go. The Strawberry Moon signifies cycles starting over, which is also a metaphor for our own learnings as human beings.”

Formed of Lins Wilson (Grammatics & Mother Vulpine), Tom Hudson (Pulled Apart By Horses) and Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin, Menace Beach), Magick Mountain craft energetic, psych-infused, frantic guitar tunes that explore everything from fantastical worlds to ancient mythology and mystical metaphors. ‘Cherokee’ is another crash course into their cosmic, distorted sound, informed by the past but with a futuristic edge.

Listen to ‘Cherokee’ below and follow Magick Mountain on bandcampFacebook and Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Kirsty Garland

Kate Crudgington

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