Track Of The Day: All Cats Are Beautiful – ‘Lucky Cloud’

all cats are beautiful. A perfectly true statement, and also the name of a rather lovely musical duo creating exquisite tunes to calm the ears. Following the whimsical allure of last year’s  ‘wishing i cld fit in ur backpack’, Elena and Kyle are back with another beautiful offering.

Paying homage to songwriter, cellist and queer icon Arthur Russell, ‘Lucky Cloud’ flows with dreamy, twinkling hooks and serene harmonies, creating a perfect, soothing respite from everything going on at the moment. Maintaining all the psychedelic grace of the original, the duo have added their own unique uplifting charm and shimmering musicality, creating a ray of glistening sunshine (or indeed a ‘lucky cloud) at a time when the rest of the horizon may be looking a little grey. So, take a deep breath, and bask in its swirling, resplendent splendour whilst remembering the wonder of Russell’s immersive songwriting.

Of the track, all cats are beautiful explain:
… we took influence from the several different versions of the piece he created during his life to inform our own take on this sensitive, perfect little song.”


‘Lucky Cloud’ is available on bandcamp, with all proceeds split equally between Act Up New York, and the Terrence Higgins Trust – supporting people living with HIV/AIDS (to honour Russell who passed away in 1992 of an AIDS-related illness). all cats are beautiful’s full discography will be donating proceeds to these two charities until the end of the month.

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