Five Favourites: Nervous Twitch

Having previously wowed us with their uptempo colourful energy live at The Finsbury, and following the joyous, uplifting punk-pop of last year’s ‘Tongue Tied’, Leeds trio Nervous Twitch have just released their eponymous fourth album, out now via Reckless Yes.

We think one of the best ways to get to know a band is by asking what music inspires them or influences their writing. So, we caught up with Erin from Nervous Twitch to discuss the five songs that have made the biggest mark on her. Check out her choices below, and watch the video for latest single ‘Alright Lads’ at the end of this article.

The Vaselines – ‘Monsterpussy’
The Vaselines do the finest scuzzy pop songs. I had ‘The Way of the Vaselines’ on repeat for a large proportion of the writing for our latest album, so I think that it’s woven into the sound of the album.

Josie Cotton – ‘He Could Be the One’
I feel like I was really late to discover Josie Cotton, considering how much of an obsessive I’ve become, but hey, it’s always good discovering a new to you band with a full back catalogue of hits! She’s got bags of style, the best kind of high-end pop voice (I really wish I had!), and writes some fantastic hits. The stabbing electronic organ intro to this song is great and it has an ace running bass line (I really should learn that!). I love power-pop, and how it lies somewhere in-between bubble-gum pop, rock and roll, punk and new wave; all the best genres in one!

Helen Love – ‘2000MPHGIRL’
I think in this day and age it’s really difficult to be completely original, but that’s something Helen Love surpasses. Her songs do have a sound that echoes the time of their release, but they always sound fresh every time I give them a spin. On paper the mix of styles sound like they shouldn’t go well together, but every track has a great balance of uniqueness whilst remaining a completely excellent pop song. I really could have picked any Helen Love song – they’re all so infectious!

Supercharger – ‘It’s Alright’
1990s garage punk is one of my favourite genres of music. Energetic raw and ready sound with a good dose of rock and roll. Karen’s primitive drumming style with the in-the-red guitars gives Supercharger a great sound. The perfect antidote to the autotuned world we live in today.

Southern Culture on the Skids – ‘Just How Lonely’
This is such a beautiful song. I learnt it over the summer, mainly because the guitar chords were easy to play (ha ha!), but it’s got so much heart and Mary really has a great voice for it. Musically, I think I’m more influenced by how they (Southern Culture on the Skids) craft their songs over the style of music they make, but I always admire how well they manage to present an overflowing mixed bag of influences from punk to bluegrass, and everything is done with such style, ease, and finesse. I was lucky enough to catch them live in Spain a few years back and they were hands down one of the best bands I’ve ever seen.

Thanks so much to Erin from Nervous Twitch for sharing her Five Favourites with us! Watch the new video for latest single ‘Alright Lads’ here:

Nervous Twitch, the new album, is out now on Reckless Yes. Order on vinyl, CD or digital via bandcamp now.

Photo Credit: Roz Doherty

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