Track Of The Day: Hadda Be – ‘Another Life’

This was the song I needed to hear on a rainy January afternoon in lockdown. As it blasts through my speakers, Hadda Be‘s ‘Another Life’ has a riotous, live energy that takes me back to sweaty basement bars and the buzz of watching a great band play with the people I love. It’s exciting and it’s hopeful.

The song’s melancholic lyrics (“it covers me in worry, now that’s all I ever know”) are buoyed by jangly guitars, frenetic drums and a joyful, shout-a-long chorus. Marrying indie power-pop with a real post punk sensibility, ‘Another Life’ reminds me both of the Primitives, and that I need to go and have a dance as soon as humanly possible.

Formally known as Foundlings, this (rather-appropriately named) single marks a fresh start for Hadda Be, who return with a refreshed line-up, as well as a new name. With their debut album due in spring, it feels like they’re a band at the height of their powers – and I can’t wait to hear more.


Hadda Be’s debut album will be available on three flavours of vinyl, CD and download via Last Night From Glasgow on 30th April. 

Vic Conway 

Photo Credit: Luthiem Escalona

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