LISTEN: Jaz Beeson – ‘Coffee Machine Sounds’

A charming ode to breaking free from obscurity in order to become the person you want to be, Lincolnshire-based songwriter Jaz Beeson has shared her new single ‘Coffee Machine Sounds’. Defining her music as “sunflower pop”, Beeson’s gentle vocals and hazy guitars urge listeners to trust their instincts, take their own initiative and explore the world beyond their doorsteps on her latest track.

“I wrote ‘Coffee Machine Sounds’ at a time where I felt trapped in the monotony of small town life,” Beeson explains. “It really helped me to process that feeling and it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve released so far.” Through her observational lyrics and yearning vocals, Beeson softly communicates her desire to escape the status quo and experience the richness of a life somewhere else beyond the four walls of the office in her hometown.

Self-described as making music for “curtain-twitch ditchers, the designated drivers, coming-of-agers and cottagecore daydreamers,” Beeson’s single will resonate with those who know they need to move forward, holding their own hand as they embark on a new journey of self discovery.

Listen to ‘Coffee Machine Sounds’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

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