Track Of The Day: Billie Flynn – ‘Someone’s Daughter’

Having previously charmed our ears with her soulful previous single ‘Hey Stranger’, Cornish artist Billie Flynn has now returned with a brand new offering. ‘Someone’s Daughter‘ is a comforting acoustic dreamscape which plays to the artist’s strengths while showcasing a few more of the tricks up her sleeve. If you’re already a fan of Flynn’s earthy acoustic vibes, this track won’t disappoint. And, for new listeners, this is an apt introduction to her blend of soft vocals and artfully simple lyrics set against a backdrop of gently strumming guitars. 

Though new, Flynn’s signature style seems rooted in her gift for texture. Her music feels multi-sensory in a way that’s balmy and immersive. Whereas the layering of her debut single was led by the instruments, this time Flynn opts to lead with her vocals, making this track seem more personal – more like an invitation to get to know her as an artist. The way Flynn utilises low sumptuous repetitions and a handful of well timed loops as she expresses satisfying lyrics such as “this world keeps turning, while I’m still burning…” suggest to me she has a penchant for the occasional nostalgic and ever so slightly poppy lilt; a detail I’m absolutely here for.

Of the track, Flynn explains:

This was a big song for me when writing it, it felt like a real release. I was struggling at the time and I just had the thought that, if nothing else, I will always be a daughter, and that’s an important thing to be.

Flynn shows us what her voice can do in a way that doesn’t feel contrived but, instead, playful and joyful. Another promising track from this upcoming artist.

‘Someone’s Daughter’ is out now via Never Fade Records.

Tutku Barbaros

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