LISTEN: Alex Jayne – ‘Hollywood’

Having already received acclaim from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit and Chris Hawkins on BBC 6Music, Alt-pop artist Alex Jayne’s latest release, ‘Hollywood‘, is a mesmerising treat. Conjuring euphoric vibes, it unravels the head as it leads us somewhere new. “It’s a song about the fantasies we hold onto and get hurt by” says Alex.

Alex’s simple striking lyrics glide against a limitless expanse of immaculate production. The controlled nature of Alex’s voice is calming and grounding. Her sometimes hopeful, sometimes wistful, repetitions of “Hollywood”, cleverly render even the word itself strange and undefinable. Mid-way through there’s a cutaway to Alex casually and candidly chatting. She utters, in her casual spoken voice: “… don’t talk to me about the future, I can feel it there waiting, y’know?” This charmingly ordinary split second is a beautiful plot twist in a song which is comfortably and successfully cinematic. 

After the two years we’ve had, this notion of striving for a chameleon like, omni-out-of-reach reality lands with just the right balance of promise and poignance. Whether the song summons thoughts of lost love or just that sense of your future living somewhere in the distance, this is an emotional track which speaks to the moment we’re living in with a welcome uniqueness. 

Tutku Barbaros

Photo Credit: Laurie Barraclough

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