Track Of The Day: Aisha Badru – ‘Rooted’

Enchanting folk-strewn new-age dreaminess, Aisha Badru’s latest single ‘Rooted’ is a therapeutic exploration of the feeling of home. It’s reassuring and comforting as if she was speaking directly to you, drawing you into the song. A truly stunning new offering.

‘Rooted’ is spacious and its simplicity gives the song a calming effect. Electronic and folk elements are combined to create an ethereal ambiance. Like rays of sunlight shimmering through the trees, you can hear nature seeping through the track. The atmospheric synth sounds function as a drone, creating a meditative sense of stillness. As I listen, the sweeping textures of the drone awaken an awareness of my body, giving me goosebumps. 

It feels as though the song creates a space for reflection and healing. The instrumentation is carefully layered to create calming soundscapes. Furthermore, Aisha’s voice is soft and soothing, her lullaby-like lilting melodies feel intuitive and natural. The vocals sound intimate as though it’s whispered into your ears. The simplicity enhances the heartfelt lyrics and allows you to reflect on each phrase. Aisha sings “plant your trees upon the earth, know your value, know your worth”, in a way that radiates sweet positivity. Alongside its positivity, the track seems to be both dripping with emotion whilst also being subtle and restrained in a way that is really impactful. Aisha, who has spent much of her time travelling around the world, explains that she never really had roots, but now – living in Orlando with her partner and twin toddlers – “We’re planting seeds and starting a garden. This is home. I’ve never felt this sense of home”.

Aisha Badru’s The Way Back Home EP is set for release on 3rd December via Nettwerk Records – it’s going to be a perfect way to reflect on the end of the year. You can pre-save the EP via a donation to the One Tree Planted non-profit organisation.

Jaz Kelly

Photo Credit: Jeffery Trapani

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