MUST WATCH: ‘Fanny: The Right To Rock’

Celebrating its eighth year running, this year’s Doc ‘N’ Roll Film Festival is the UK’s annual celebration of the best in music documentaries. Currently running until this Sunday 14th November, it’s screening a total of 34 feature-length documentaries and 8 short films at a number of London cinemas, as well as at a selection of cinemas across the country. And, as part of this year’s celebrations, the festival is promoting a large number of films showcasing female trailblazers in the industry throughout the years.

An example of these is ‘Fanny: The Right To Rock’ – telling the story of legendary, yet often overlooked, ’70s rockers Fanny, who have since often been hailed as the first all women rock ‘n’ roll band. Having formed in the early ’70s with a predominantly Filipino-American line-up, with queer members in the band, they represented a break from the norm at a time when rock was dominated by cis het white men; an innovative breath of fresh air from a group of women willing to take a risk and stand out from the crowd.  

Originally founded by guitarist June Millington and her sister, bassist Jean, who had been playing music together since they moved from the Philippines to California in the early 1960s, Fanny exploded onto the scene with their distinctive style of blues-rock with catchy, energy-fuelled, and musically intricate offerings such as ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’ and ‘Badge’. All now in their sixties, they have since reformed to release a new album and tour; once again going against the grain to overcome health issues and ageist, sexist attitudes to explode into our ears with their raging authenticity – inspiring others to fight back against the patriarchy and do things their own way.

Directed and edited by women, the film ‘Fanny: The Right To Rock’ will be screened on Sunday 14th November at Curzon Soho at 3pm, as the closing film for the Doc ‘N’ Roll Film Festival. Afterwards, Estella – from GIHE faves Big Joanie and Charmpit – will be hosting a Q&A with director Bobbi Jo Hart and band members June Millington, Brie Darling and Patti Quatro. And she”ll be playing a short DJ set in the bar for the closing party. It all sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Full details here.

So, here’s to Fanny for being such innovative trailblazers for women in music of all races and ages! We’re forever grateful to women such as them, who have come before us and paved the way.

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