LISTEN: Big Daisy – ‘Without Dreams’

Described by the band as a “sleepy lullaby-turned-powerhouse journey of a song,” Belfast four-piece Big Daisy have shared their latest single ‘Without Dreams’. Full of soft, yearning vocals and atmospheric guitar sounds, the track is a melodic slice of fuzz-pop that rings with genuine warmth and charm.

Formed of childhood best friends Aidan Reynolds, Ciara King, Dan O’Rawe and James Orr, Big Daisy released their debut single ‘Go Outside’ in November 2019, unaware that their agoraphobic anthem would become an appropriate soundtrack for a global pandemic. The band’s love for “whiny lyrics and big dreamy riffs” is something they take pride in, and latest offering ‘Without Dreams’ is another lush example of their penchant for blending the sad with the sweet.

“I dream of everything being better / I can’t wait for sweater weather” muses Ciara, as the track fluctuates between being content with being doe-eyed and daydreaming, before unwillingly following a tendency to self-sabotage feelings of joy. Penned as “a journey through the mind of someone who struggles with organisation & completing tasks,” ‘Without Dreams’ is a bittersweet, relatable tune that softens and soothes any inner chaos.

Listen to ‘Without Dreams’ below.


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Photo Credit: 26 North Productions

Kate Crudgington

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