Track Of The Day: Angela Sclafani – ‘Bell Jar’

Angela Sclafani is a New York City singer, songwriter and theatre-maker with an impressive list of collaborations and accolades. With three previous independently released EPs, including Edge of Seventeen, a re-imagining of Stevie Nicks’ classics, she demonstrates song writing at its finest, time and time again. Creative imagery and unforgettable melodies are what make her latest single so deliciously appealing. Inspired by Sylvia Plath’s 1963 novel, ‘Bell Jar’ was created to encourage the breaking free from conventions and patterns that hold you down. It’s uplifting, it’s heartfelt, and it’s slick; a potent bite of pop rock genius.

The anthemic ‘Bell Jar’ is destined to be performed in big venues. The song is so driven that it pulls you right into its energy, and before you know it you are joining in and shouting back the euphoric chorus. It’s a smooth ride – the verses build up to the chorus beautifully and every part of the instrumentation feels so confident. Sclafani’s dynamic vocals command both your attention and enjoyment, and the melodies she sings are energetic and infectious, shining above the tight backing. The production is crisp with just the perfect amount of shimmer to make the track glisten.

‘Bell Jar’, whilst predominantly a pop-rock track, contains rich flourishes of Americana and folk influences, with Sclafani’s musical style sitting alongside songwriters and artists Haim, Fleetwood Mac, Regina Spector and Taylor Swift. An truly eclectic soundscape emanating Sclafani’s unique talent for creating emotionally raw, yet beautifully uplifting, offerings.

Jaz Kelly

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