Track Of The Day: Joanna And The Dropouts – ‘You’re So Cool’

Dropping in hard with a throbbing riff that promises not to leave you alone any time soon, ‘You’re So Cool’ by Joanna And The Dropouts is inspired by all-consuming love. It is composed of throbbing key and string lines that roll all over each other, with a solid drum track keeping the whole piece in line.

The song is both inspired by love that has been genuinely experienced and a tribute to the movie True Romance. It is funky and upbeat, and will inevitably refuse to leave your head for days on end. In many ways, it evokes the lingering memories of the love it depicts and the iconic film that inspired it. Whether or not you are familiar with the film, the song captures a hugely relatable feeling in just a short burst of fizzing strings.

The lyrics are simple, repeating the titular “you’re so cool” consistently throughout the track. The verses and lines surrounding that core phrase evoke the exhilarating, intoxicating, potentially dangerous feeling of falling for someone who takes up all your headspace at once.

Every component of the song comes together perfectly to form a track that ultimately comes to less than three minutes long. Nonetheless, those rich vocals and bouncy hooks swell with all the exciting, addictive energy of infatuation into an infectious and uplifting punk-rock anthem.

Kirstie Summers

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