LISTEN: Anika & Ni Vash ft. Nasim Luczaj – ‘No Fly Zone’

An evocative, sonic form of resistance, ‘No Fly Zone’ is a fundraising collaboration between Iran-based musicians Ni Vash and Berlin-based musician Anika. Released via Invada Records, all profits from this track will go directly to support a UK-based charitable organisation – who have asked to remain anonymous – who are campaigning for human rights, women’s equality and against government oppression via demonstrations, conferences and publications, offering legal support to those in need.

Collectively know as Ni Vash – a Persian word for “renewal” or “regeneration” – the artists and musicians involved in the project have concealed their names for their own safety. They have worked alongside Anika to create ‘No Fly Zone’, a moving effort to remind listeners that “restrictions come in many forms” and it is our global responsibility to help break down the barriers that are holding others back. You can download the track via bandcamp here

‘No Fly Zone’ is a stirring, atmospheric uprising featuring the words of Anemone, Windflower, by poet Nasim Luczaj. The anemone is known as the “windflower” because its petals close when the plant detects advancing rainstorms. The plant’s natural instincts personify a very human reaction to fear, but on ‘No Fly Zone’, Luczaj’s calm, measured narration and Ni Vash & Anika’s hypnotic synth sounds gently over ride this instinct, quietly urging listeners to do the same.

Speaking about their new collaboration, Ni Vash explain: “In Iran or anywhere, people cannot fly, cannot see their dreams materialize, even through working hard or playing by the rules. Restrictions come in many forms, from without and from within – self or society, made by cultures, we are restricted. We are surrounded by voices without words, in a no fly zone. Join us in the fight for human rights. Join us in the fight against government oppression. This is a world-wide fight. This is your fight.”

Download ‘No Fly Zone’ and donate here.

Watch the video for the collaboration below.

Photo credit: Autumn Andel

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