Interview: Duchess

With acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, South London artist Duchess writes from the heart; creating rich soulful ballads reflecting on her childhood of frequently moving from place to place, her experiences in London, and love and life in general.

Having released her debut EP Early Days back in March, she has now shared a special acoustic version of the collection. With her distinctive impassioned vocals at the forefront, oozing a raw heartfelt emotion, it showcases all there is to love about this upcoming artist.

We caught up with Duchess to find out more…

Hi Duchess, welcome to Get In Her Ears! How are you doing?
I’m good thanks – wish it was a bit more sunny though!

What initially inspired you to start creating music?
I’ve always been around music growing up. My mother would always have the stereo on in the morning with her all-time favourite CDs, from Tracy Chapman to Lauryn Hill, and my dad always played Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs.

What made you decide to release an acoustic version of your EP?
I’m in love with live music and instrumentation, so it was really important to me to have an acoustic version of the EP. I feel it allows you to focus on the voice of the artist and gives you a whole different vibe to dive into. It reminds me of small or intimate shows and concerts with stripped back production.

What other acoustic albums or versions do you love?
I’m a big fan of Amy Winehouse’s acoustic version of Back To Black and ‘I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind’ from Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged album. I really enjoyed Summer Walker’s cover of ‘Fake Love’ too! 

What was behind the choice to use guitar for ‘Elephant’, ‘When it All Falls Down’ and ‘Blame’ vs piano for ‘Why Can’t We’?
When I’m in the studio, I love to freestyle and see where the energy takes me, so we will always start with live instruments – I’m just so in love with the bass guitar. It was a bit of a no-brainer to get Fred Cox involved, as he really understands me, and the vibe I wanted to create with this project. He instantly got how we could strip everything back, but still keep it fresh, and it just felt natural that ‘Why Can’t We?’ was just piano.

How has growing up in a big family and moving around so much affected your music and artistic expression? Were you the sole musician/artist, or was music and art a big part of your family life?
I mean moving around a lot isn’t good for anyone, especially if you want to focus on something, so it was unsettling. But, wherever I lived, music was always there with me. I admit, it was hard to really focus on music when there were family priorities that came first, but I’m also happy I’m pursuing music, at this stage in my life – It feels right and I feel ready!! In the family, I’m the main one involved in music, along with my younger sister who often writes with me, but we are all connected to music in our own way

People compare you a lot to Minnie Riperton. Is she an influence and, if so, how? What other artists influence your music, and how?
Wow, I’m flattered. She is an amazing woman and I’m a big fan of her material – one of my favourites is ‘Inside My Love’ – it’s so beautiful. My main inspirations come from all kinds of places – Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Gregory Isaacs, Lady Gaga – the list goes on, but they main thing is they have all showed me to always be me and believe in my message musically.

What music scenes are you into – offline and online?
Shoreditch is cool! There are some really good live and open mic nights if you want to discover something new and fresh. Online-wise, I love to watch other artists livestreams and special projects. I don’t have a particular genre or focus – as long as it’s good, I’ll tune in!

How are you connecting with your audience and other musicians during the pandemic?
I’ve been doing a few livestreams during lockdown which have been fun. But with social media in general, it’s been really good to connect with the listeners and other musicians. It’s defo sparked off a new wave of creativity in everyone.

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any other upcoming artists that you’d recommend we check out?
Yes of course! Check out Ray Vela (@rayrayvela) – she’s such a great bubbly character and has such a beautiful tone to her voice which is so soothing. And also Nia Wyn (@niawynmusic) – she’s got such a unique voice and I really enjoyed watching her live. We were on the same bill for a show at the beginning of this year, and she just blew me away.

And what else does the rest of 2020 have in store for Duchess?
Definitely new music which I’m very excited about! I also want to work with other artists more and create together – I’m interested to see what could come from it. And I know it’s probably a while from now, but I can’t wait to start performing live again.

Huge thanks to Duchess for answering our questions! 

The acoustic Early Days EP is out now via Lost Ones Recordings.

LISTEN: Jenny O. – ‘God Knows Why’

A bittersweet track about accepting an unexpected change; L.A. based songwriter Jenny O. has shared her latest single, ‘God Knows Why’. Taken from her upcoming album, New Truth, set for release on 19th June via Mama Bird Recording Co., the song is based on Jenny’s own experience of losing the hearing in her right ear.

Despite its upsetting context, ‘God Knows Why’ is an uplifting, cathartic listen that proves Jenny has a talent for making the most out of a truly difficult and unfair situation. Her smooth vocals glide over grungy, acoustic guitars and steady percussion, with the repeated line ‘God Knows Why’ acting as both a reassurance, and an exasperation at the situation she finds herself in.

Jenny extrapolates on the single, and her upcoming album: “I wrote ‘God Knows Why’ after going deaf in one ear and asking why perplexing things happen – fate, cause and effect. When I lost my hearing, a doctor said, “God took it.” Something happened to me neurologically, but here we are. Why do people behave against their own interests? Why do some people survive and others don’t? New Truth has to do with coming to terms with a new reality; what is and what will be, now that things have changed or information has come to light. Feels accurate in this period of adjustment and great sadness.”

We feel Jenny’s poignant new offering provides sweet relief during this chaotic time. Listen to ‘God Knows Why’ below, and follow Jenny O. on Spotify & Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Jenny O.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Tina Boonstra – ‘I Think I See You Now’

Monochrome visuals and meaningful lyrics unite on Tina Boonstra‘s new video for her single ‘I Think I See You Now’. Directed and shot by David Pardoe, the track is taken from her debut EP My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again), which was released earlier this year via 7Core Music.

Introspective, understated and honest; Tina’s vocal delivery compliments the delicately shot footage that accompanies the song. Inspired by the likes of Wolf Alice and Arcade Fire, the London-based artist writes in a vulnerable, yet determined vein. Tina’s musical style may have been intended for the halls of churches (she was raised in a Christian missionary family), but it’s clear her sound was meant to echo further.

She’ll be playing a headline gig at The Hope and Anchor on October 25th with a full band, so head down to the show to experience her sound in its full glory. Watch the video for ‘I Think I See You Now’ below, and follow Tina Boonstra on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington