LISTEN: Jenny O. – ‘God Knows Why’

A bittersweet track about accepting an unexpected change; L.A. based songwriter Jenny O. has shared her latest single, ‘God Knows Why’. Taken from her upcoming album, New Truth, set for release on 19th June via Mama Bird Recording Co., the song is based on Jenny’s own experience of losing the hearing in her right ear.

Despite its upsetting context, ‘God Knows Why’ is an uplifting, cathartic listen that proves Jenny has a talent for making the most out of a truly difficult and unfair situation. Her smooth vocals glide over grungy, acoustic guitars and steady percussion, with the repeated line ‘God Knows Why’ acting as both a reassurance, and an exasperation at the situation she finds herself in.

Jenny extrapolates on the single, and her upcoming album: “I wrote ‘God Knows Why’ after going deaf in one ear and asking why perplexing things happen – fate, cause and effect. When I lost my hearing, a doctor said, “God took it.” Something happened to me neurologically, but here we are. Why do people behave against their own interests? Why do some people survive and others don’t? New Truth has to do with coming to terms with a new reality; what is and what will be, now that things have changed or information has come to light. Feels accurate in this period of adjustment and great sadness.”

We feel Jenny’s poignant new offering provides sweet relief during this chaotic time. Listen to ‘God Knows Why’ below, and follow Jenny O. on Spotify & Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Jenny O.

Kate Crudgington

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