Track Of The Day: Beorma – ‘Without You’

A bittersweet reflection on losing someone you love and as a result a part of yourself, Birmingham-based band Beorma have shared their latest single ‘Without You’. Mixing R&B and indie pop sensibilities with a smooth heartfelt vocal, the track is an unexpectedly upbeat listen, brimming with emotion and a melody that warmly rushes the senses.

Formed of Ferns, Tom and Paul, Beorma performed separately in different bands before they began working together during lockdown in 2020. Sending ideas back and forth online, the band’s collaboration led to the creation of their debut EP Virtual Emotionality, which they released in early 2021. Following on from their previous single ‘Her’ – which captured the inner conflicts of desire and the need for distance when it comes to a breakup – on ‘Without You’ Beorma gently muse on the gap that’s often left by grief.

“With a lot of our songs we like to touch on darker subjects and ‘Without You’ is exactly that,” Ferns explains. “It’s the dark side of loss; it’s about not only losing something/someone dear to you, but most importantly losing yourself and crying out for meaning and purpose in order to find your footing in this world again. I think it’s important for people to listen to it and let it speak to them in whatever way it does.”

Beorma will be supporting Dream Wife on the Birmingham date of their UK tour at The Castle & Falcon on 24th March.

Listen to ‘Without You’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: MASCA – ‘Unsure’

A catchy slice of alt-pop that explores the way we focus on our bad habits and relationships for reasons that often feel intangible, Bristol-based duo MASCA have shared their debut single ‘Unsure’. With the support of producer Elliot Vaughan, the band muse about the cyclical nature of uncertainty through their relatable lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, snappy percussion and melodic keys.

Formed by Christina Maynard (Souer) and Jack Hamilton (INDIGOS), who have spent the last six years writing songs together, MASCA combine dual vocals with catchy melodies and guitar riffs to create their fusion of pop and rock sounds. The band sold out their first Bristol headline show in late 2020 with no material released and have since played support slots for the likes of Delta Sleep, Kier, Beach Rio and Goan Dogs. Their debut single ‘Unsure’ is the first taste of what the band have to offer this year.

“Unsure is about those kinds of relationships which don’t feel quite right but you can’t help yourself carrying on with,” the band explain. “Sometimes the thing that pulls two people together is more like a negative addictive force than a constructive one. It’s such a hard thing to be aware of, especially while you’re actually in that situation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship, and It’s not really meant to apply to really bad toxic or abusive relationships, just the more ordinary relationships that people can find themselves in which they don’t realise are holding them back until they actually move on.”

The single is accompanied by a video, directed by Jay Bartlett, featuring Christina and Jack dressed in mock-up Marlboro cigarettes packets, wandering around everyday scenes trying to escape the uncertainty they sing of. “It was quite a while after we wrote the song that Tina realised that there were quite a few references to burning and flames and that’s where the idea for the video came from,” Jack explains. “That kind of tied together these ideas of addiction and unhealthy relationships really nicely.

2022 looks set to be a productive year for MASCA, who have an EP release in the pipeline and appearance at Burn It Down Festival and Glastonbury Calling booked in too.

Watch the video for ‘Unsure’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Talk Like Tigers – ‘Sacred Feminine’

In anticipation of their debut double-EP release, Newcastle’s Talk Like Tigers reveal ‘Sacred Feminine’ – a feminist-indie-pop anthem. As identical twins and a two-piece indie band, the duo manifest a captivating presence the moment that their creative efforts join together.

Charlotte and Stephanie blend the melodies of indie-pop’s catchy merit with wisps of other outside influences like retro synth-pop and dreamy alternative pop. What remains steady in the vividness of Talk Like Tigers’ lyrical takes, which paint colourful images via the pair’s lush, velvety vocals. The vocal harmonies in ‘Sacred Feminine’ are a fierce, distinguishing element that adds a fizzing energy to the track. Many producers feel that this kind of oral chemistry is exclusive to siblings, so to hear the synchronisation of these gifted twins is quite the exhibition.

While switching between synths, guitars and snappy drum pads, the duo glitter ‘Sacred Feminine’ with quirky rhythms that are both abstract and infectious, symbolising the multi-faceted aspects of femininity. Celebration is a central sentiment as listeners are transported to a space where both the beautiful and the strong nature of femininity merge to reflect the goddess-like qualities of the phenomenon.

Talk Like Tigers summarise that their track “is a powerful, anthemic song about femininity and female worth.” ‘Sacred Feminine’ honours femininity, vulnerability and intuition as absolute strengths in this empowering anthem.

Watch the sparkling, uplifting video for ‘Sacred Feminine’ here:

Talk Like Tigers are set to release their debut double EP in May. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Lee Scullion

LISTEN: GIHE on Soho Radio with Charlotte Adigéry

Tash & Kate were back on the Soho Radio airwaves playing loads of new music from some of their favourite female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ artists. Sadly Mari couldn’t make it into the studio, but offered some of her “musical musings” too.

French-born, Belgian-Caribbean musician Charlotte Adigéry also joined them to talk about her debut album Topical Dancer, which she worked on with Bolis Pupul, and the power of joy and laughter when it comes to making art about your own life experiences. Baby Rocco also had his say!

Listen back below:

Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin – Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves
Adrianne Lenker – Symbol
Julia-Sophie – Dial Your Number
t l k – IWNU
Fraulein – Drag Behind
A.A. Williams – Melt
PET Wife – Alone
Ailsa Tully – Salt Glaze
Tomberlin – happy accident
ROBYN & Neneh Cherry ft. Mapei – Buffalo Stance
Pongo – Doudou
My Idea – Crutch
CMAT – Every Bottle Is My Boyfriend
After London – Here, Tonite
Charlotte Adigéry x Bolis Pupul – Ceci n’est pas un cliché
**Interview with Charlotte Adigéry**
Tirzah – Tectonic
Hannah Schneider – Mirror Sphere
Big Thief – Little Things
Muna Ileiwat – Stuck
Petrol Girls – Baby, I Had An Abortion
SASAMI & No Home – Squeeze
KIN – Cosmos
Amaroun – Brown Skin Beauty
Cate Le Bon – Remembering Me
Queen Latifah ft. Monie Love – Ladies First