Introducing Interview: Frankie Morrow

Having released their debut EP, Blue Parrot Backpackers Hotel, in October, Scottish alt-rock band Frankie Morrow finally formed their current fully-fledged outfit last year after initially playing together and separately in various musical projects across Scotland since their teens. Since January, musicians Frankie Morrow, James Smith, Duncan Carswell, Samuel Nicholson and Neev have been playing and recording together, and have received airplay from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Amazing Radio.

We’re big fans of Frankie Morrow’s glistening, folk-strewn sounds and heartfelt lyricism, and can’t wait to hear more from them in 2023. We had a lovely chat to find out more about the EP, what inspires them, being a woman in music and more… Have a read, and make sure you listen to the beautiful EP now!

Hi Frankie. Welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello GIHE! It’s so cool to be speaking to you, we are huge fans – we loved your night down at the Victoria in October where Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something headlined. Frankie Morrow are a Scottish, female-led 5-piece who play alt-rock for the soul. 

Are you able to tell us a bit about how and why you initially started creating music?
Well, myself and James were actually in a band together back in our hometown of Paisley when we were 14 years old! To be honest I think most of our friends came to the shows as a place to drink cider underage hahaha, but we had a rare time.  

We love your luscious, soaring folk-strewn sounds , but who would you say are your main musical influences?
We as a band have a hugely diverse range of musical influences, though I’d say some of my personal influences would be classic Americana/rock like Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Bob Dylan, Scottish writers such as Rab Noakes, and more contemporary bands like Big Thief and Katy J Pearson.

You recently released your debut EP, Blue Parrot Backpackers Hotel,  which is very exciting! Are you able to tell us a bit about what inspired it and the themes running throughout it?
Well, it all started where most records start – with a break up! These songs are a collection of my musings over the years; before the band got together I used to perform as a solo artist, and so I guess the impetus was really just me coming to terms with lots of the changes and upheaval that had happened in my life at the time. Blue Parrot Backpackers Hostel is my ‘Sliding Doors’ moment. Have you seen that film? The whole premise is based around Helen – who’s played by Gwyneth Paltrow – and how her life could dramatically change based on whether she catches a train or not. It got me thinking about how these tiny decisions we make in our everyday lives can have such huge impacts on us later down the line, and I found that a really interesting concept for the record.

You recently played live at the Sebright Arms – how was that? And, for those who missed it, what can fans expect from your live show?
We had an absolute blast! We were still buzzing from it the next day. Our live show and our current musical direction is actually a lot more raucous than what we have on record so far. We absolutely love playing for people – it’s our favourite thing to do, we want people to feel moved and for them to forget their worries at our shows.

The EP was produced and arranged by you, with an all-female engineer team, which is very awesome! What was the recording process like, and how did you all work together? 
It was amazing! I deliberately wanted to recruit an all-female engineering team from the get go for this debut. We recorded most of the EP between my flat and kind friends’ houses. then I sent the stems to Taylor Pollock (Platoon) to mix. Taylor was an absolute dream to work with; it was such a collaborative process from start to finish, and I’ve never met someone so dedicated to a project. Izzy McPhee was absolutely brilliant as well, and I even got to go and meet her at her studio in Bristol. It was really powerful to be part of that team.

And is there a particular live show you’ve played that stands out as a highlight?
To be honest our headline at the Sebright is probably the standout so far as it’s such an iconic venue and we’ve seen so many bands we love play there over the years. It was a real honour to headline.

How do you feel the industry is for new artists at the moment? And do you feel much has changed over the last few years in its treatment of female and queer/LGBTQ+  artists? 
In some ways the industry is far more accessible than before in terms of opportunities for editorial playlisting which breaks down global barriers, and of course through social media. Though, on the flipside, labels are taking less chances on bands and there’s not much money in streaming at an emerging level. However, I do feel quite positive about it overall; I think if you focus on the making of good music supported by other marketing tools, and just try not to get to bogged down in the numbers… In terms of treatment of female and queer artists, I think things definitely have moved on, though I have unfortunately had quite a few people presume men have produced the EP or that it wasn’t me playing guitar etc – this is still something that happens regularly. A personal highlight from a recent gig: “Wow, you can actually play the guitar?!” …  If you don’t laugh, you will cry!

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any other upcoming artists you’re loving right now that you’d recommend we check out?
Oh absolutely! Lizzie Reid had a gorgeous EP out this year. We saw her with full band down at Paperdress Vintage towards the end of last year. Oh, and I was just introduced to NewDad who are brilliant.

Finally, what does 2023 have in store for Frankie Morrow? 

We are so excited to get back into the studio this month. The new tracks are big alt-rock bangers and we are chomping at the bit to get started.

Massive thanks to Frankie for answering our questions! Listen to Blue Parrot Backpacker’s Hostel now, and watch the charming video for single ‘Sunflowers’ below:

Premiere: Tiger Mimic – ‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’

After a little bit of a hiatus to recoup and re-energise, John Kennedy acclaimed Tiger Mimic have returned to blast into our ears with a brand new single.

Reflecting on the worldwide challenges that women, minorities and the LGBTQ+ community have faced this year, ‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’ is an empowering ode to persevering through dark times. Propelled by the band’s trademark whirring scuzz and fierce, gritty energy, it showcases the rich, soaring vocals of front woman Jess as it builds with a sweeping majestic allure. Oozing a swirling impassioned splendour and haunting grace, it’s a fizzing slice of soaring alt-rock proving Tiger Mimic’s worth as creators of powerfully poignant anthems. Of the track, the band explain:

The lyrics ask ‘Everything you’ve ever wanted, now you’ve got it, what’s the point?’, wondering aloud what drives the heartless people who work so hard to oppress, vilify, control, and harm innocent communities that just want to be allowed to live their lives. While the lyrics are grim, it’s ultimately a song about hope, how despite everything happening below, the stars go on shimmering above, lighting our way through the darkness.

Listen, for the first time, here:

‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’ is set for release this Friday, 9th December.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Robert Alleyne

Video Premiere: Electric Pets – ‘That Way’

Having previously received acclaim for their debut single ‘Don’t Leave Me’ from the likes of BBC Introducing, Emma Buckley, Phil Wagg, Adam Grace and Pete Darrington – aka Electric Pets – have now announced that their debut EP is set for release later this month, and have shared a heartfelt new video.

With Buckley’s raw, impassioned vocals accompanied by a gritty scuzz-strewn musicality, ‘That Way‘ builds with a fierce emotion to an empowering anthem of self love and a two fingers up to society’s expectations of what we should be. Propelled by a jangly, lilting energy, an immersive, intimate tone soon gathers pace and intensity to create a catchy slice of garage-infused rock, oozing a bold swagger. Of the track, Buckley explains:

“You could say ‘That Way’ is my autobiographical f**k you to the music industry. I spent so long being too much of something to someone and not enough of the same thing for someone else. I needed to remind myself who I was. This song is for all the people that never quite fit in, the ones who never quite felt good enough. A reminder to unapologetically love yourself.

‘That Way’ is accompanied by stirring new video, featuring artfully filmed footage of the band glistening with a sparkling allure. Watch it for the first time here:

Rhinoceros, the debut EP from Electric Pets, is set for release on 19th August via Reckless Yes.

Mari Lane

WATCH: Colleen Green – ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’

Witty metamorphosis collides with anthemic nostalgia to take us for a drive in the sunshine in Colleen Green’s new track ‘I Wanna Be A Dog‘. In anticipation of her upcoming record, Cool, Green gives us a taste of her evolution since her previous releases, in both personal and musical disclosures.

‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ is a humour-filled track pivoted at the tropes and complexities of the human experience. What a paradise a dog’s life seems when life becomes puzzling, the playful track reflects. However, Green is self aware even in her fantasies; she is unafraid to include herself as accountable for her own complexities as she unravels that she’s “still getting pulled back by my own leash, that I put on myself repeatedly.” Green makes the debacle of getting in
your own way a relatable obstacle and one that manifests in its own unique character as she reveals her habits of overthinking and lethargy.

With buoyant vocals, driving guitars and an uplifting groove, ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ carries an early 2000s pop-rock disposition that characterises an endearing, nostalgic warmth. The vocals remain both confident and nonchalant throughout the whole track, perpetually conveying a lo-fi attitude and a punk demeanour. Colleen Green hosts an escape to another life, or a previous one, in her feel-good, sing-along anthem, ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’.

Directed by Steele O’ Neal, watch the new video for ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ here:

Cool, the upcoming album from Colleen Green, is set for release on 10th September via Hardly Art. Pre-order here and check out Colleen Green’s Patreon page here.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Jason MacDonald